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Emotional Health as a Cause of Infertility

How emotional aspect can affects couple?

Both men and women are being influence by its infertility concerns through various ways. There are many couples encountered this situation which allows them to struggle in the same manner. In this case, it represents the way a man and woman think, feel and act towards a certain situation.

Nowadays, we consider women as the emotional caretakers as well as providers of the relationship. This point of view is being traditionally practiced on all aspect of life. Women mature faster than men in terms of emotional aspect. It only means that the emotional health of women is broader than those of men. However, when it comes to mental capacity men rule over women in terms of maturity; this could only simply explain that the mental health of men is aggressive compare to women. We have a series of articles on health questions for men including male preconception health, you can read them to imagine the men`s health theme much more widely.

Mother knows best when it talks about feelings

Emotionally speaking, a mother has a soft heart and they are responsible not only for the bad feelings of every member of the family but they intend to react extremely if something happened to them. The mother will attempt to suppress their feelings until such time when their emotions ruled over their thinking and affect their sense of control. This does not mean that women may sound so melodramatic but for some instances they could be like it. It may look like an uncontrolled feeling eager to burst out of their mind.

How can it affects infertility?

Mental health before pregnancy and emotions of a woman are very important factors to conceive a healthy child. Since our mind controls every important and vital aspect of our physiological functions. Therefore, it must be protected in a way that we should do healthy things not only for the sake of our health condition but it involves the health of our mind. It talks about the emotional concerns. Once an emotional person is being overruled by their feelings, chances of having this condition are higher than those who can control their egoistic side.

Psychologists point of view

Psychologists studied that emotional aggressiveness is one of the causes of infertility. Although most of the causes are physiologic in nature there are still cases that has been reported that a depressed or highly anxious women or even men can suffer from this condition.

Stress in – stress out

Stress is one of the most pressing reasons for male infertility as well. Stress from work is one of the major stressor for both men and women. Once the pressure sets in their mind, it can gravely affect their sexual role. The higher the tension level, the lower the sexual roles. Men may be preoccupied with the stress from their work. Since, it is already a common perception that men should take the majority of the responsibility in terms of financing the entire needs of their family. Once stress level moves to a higher level, the chance of their brain to function normally is affected. If the brain is can’t function well, it may affect the normal process of spermatozoa (sperm production) in the prostate gland.

Anger strikes

Other reasons for infertility include anger. This is an intense form of emotion wherein a person is very upset towards the external stimulus. Once a person is mad, their ability to think normally will be disrupted. The best way to get rid of this feeling is to stay calm and promote open communication to one another.

Let me manage your problem!

There are no complicated interventions for this case. Both male and female infertility which is caused by emotional concerns may require both partners in terms of their participation. It is highly suggested that the two of them should carefully assess their ability to deal with the impending situation if in case that they are not able to fulfill their aims. The following tips and management are highly recommended to both partners during the process of infertility:

  • Open communication must be observed within the family.
  • Think positively. There is no wrong or right way to feel. Try to understand your own feelings, ventilate and through this are able to identify your personal needs. Once everything is clear, you should try to communicate it to your partner.
  • Always ask your partner about his or her needs instead of thinking about the things that you can’t give.
  • It is best for the both of you to know and understand the psychological and emotional variations between men and women.
  • Try to suggest some coping strategies or skills that you have learned and experience as you go along with your dealings.
  • Finally, you should try to talk over your partner with regards to the special moments, suggestions, and other concerns that has something to do with the relationship. This way you can acquire the things that you have not learned from your partner. Once everything settles, it is the best time for you to start something anew and always remember that the only person you can depend on is your partner.