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Can i get pregnant after having a stillborn

What Is Stillbirth? What Causes Stillbirth?

Can i get pregnant after having a stillborn The stillbirth definition is medically termed as abortion. It is termed use to describe the termination of a pregnancy when gestation is less or more than 20 weeks.

There are three distinctive factors that can cause stillborn baby. These are Fetal, placental and maternal factors.

Fetal Factors:

  • Defective embryonic development from abnormal chromosome division (most common cause of fetal death);
  • Faulty implantation of the fertilized ovum;
  • Failure of the endometrium (lining of the uterus) to accept the fertilized egg.

Placental Factors:

  • Premature separation of the normally implanted placenta;
  • Abnormal placental separation;
  • Abnormal platelet function.

Maternal Factors:

  • Infection;
  • Severe malnutrition;
  • Abnormalities of the reproductive organs;
  • Endocrine problems (diabetes mellitus);
  • Trauma;
  • ABO blood group incompatibility and Rh Isoimmunization;
  • Drug ingestion.


What Should I Look For?


The assessment findings include bleeding, abdominal cramps or pain, cervical dilation, rupture of membranes, and expulsion of the uterine contents. There is also an alteration of the vital signs which may indicate shock or infection. A change in emotional status that may reflect fear, guilt, and anxiety is very common as well

What Tests Tell You?

There are several diagnostic procedures that are being used to identify stillbirth. This includes:

  • The amount of bleeding can be assessed through a pad count;
  • Examination of tissue expelled vaginally may reveal products of conception and can be used to determine if the abortion was complete or incomplete.
  • Ultrasound confirms presence or absence of fetal heart sounds or an empty amniotic sac.

Diagnosis of stillbirth is based on evidence of expulsion of uterine contents, pelvic examination, and laboratory studies. If the blood or urine hCG, pregnancy is confirmed; decrease hCG levels suggest stillbirth. Pelvic examination determines the size of the uterus whether the size is consistent with the stage of pregnancy. Expelled tissue cytology provides evidence of products of conception. Laboratory tests reflect decreased hemoglobin levels and hematocrit from blood loss. Ultrasonography confirms presence or absence of fetal beats or an empty amniotic sac.

How It Is Treated?

An accurate evaluation of uterine contents is necessary before planning treatment. Stillbirth can’t be stopped, except in those cases attributed to an incompetent cervix. Control of severe hemorrhage requires hospitalization. Severe bleeding requires transfusion with packed RBCs or whole blood. Initially, IV administration of oxytocin stimulates uterine contractions. If there are remnants in the uterus, dilatation and vacuum extraction or dilatation and curettage should be performed.

Rhogam Guarantee

After a stillbirth, an Rh-negative female with a negative indirect Coombs’ test should receive RhoGAM to prevent future Rh Isoimmunization

Employing Reinforcements

Habitual abortion can result from an incompetent cervix. Treatment involves surgical reinforcement of the cervix (cerclage) about 14 – 16 after the mother’s last menses. A few weeks before the estimated delivery date, the sutures are removed and the patients wait for the onset of labor. By the way, you can learn more about how to calculate due date by using our due date calculator. It is not too accurate but you could use it for estimated calculating due date. An alternative procedure – particularly used for cases in which the woman wants to have more children – is to leave the sutures in place and to deliver the neonate by caesarean birth.

What To Do?

  • Don’t allow bathroom privileges because the mother may expel uterine contents without knowing it. After she uses the bedpan, inspect the contents carefully for intrauterine material.
  • Note the amount, color, and odor of vaginal bleeding. Save all pads the mother uses for evaluation.
  • Place the mother’s bed in trendelenburg’s position as indicated.
  • Administer analgesics and oxytocin as ordered.
  • Assess the vital signs every 4 hours for 24 hours (or more frequently depending on the extent of bleeding).
  • Monitor the urine output closely.
  • Use fertility drugs and pills.
  • Provide good perineal care by keeping the perineal area clean and dry.
  • Check the patient’s blood type and administer RhoGAM as ordered.
  • Provide emotional support and counseling during the grieving process.
  • Encourage the patient and her partner to express their feelings. Some couples may want to talk to a member of a clergy or, depending on their religion, may wish to have the fetus baptized.
  • Help the mother and her partner develop coping strategies.
  • Explain all procedures and treatment to the mother and provide teaching about aftercare and follow-up.


What Is The Best Time To Have A Safe Conception After Stillbirth?

Planning a pregnancy after stillbirth is not a problem. However, there are factors that can affect the conception. These factors may be considered as underlying cause of stillbirth to their previous unsuccessful pregnancy. Emotional state is very important to prevent secondary infertility. Having this situation can be very difficult for the mother as well as to her partner. It is very essential that both of them should accept the fact and ready to move on. Once they have not surpassed the grieving process and continue to be ruled by depressive thoughts will affect their chances of getting pregnant and have it delivered successfully. Therefore, it is best for both of them to be emotionally prepared by accepting the loss during the previous pregnancy and be ready to conceive for the next pregnancy.

There are many questions occurring to the minds of people who have suffered from stillbirth. It is undeniably not a simple case because it can affect the entire role of the family. However, the chances of conceiving another child are highly possible not unless the cause of it is physiologic in nature. Treatment shout be done and this could take time for the mother to get pregnant again.