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How To Get Pregnant With A Boy

Many parents are looking for the answer to the question “how to get pregnant with a boy?” due to several reasons. In most Asian countries, couples desire to have a baby boy because they think that if they are parents of a boy, then they will get a higher status in their society. They also want to know how to have a boy because they think that their boy will give them shelter in old age. However, there are some cases in which people only want to have a boy more than a baby girl.

Why are you conceiving a baby boy? Maybe, you already had many girls, and now you want to get a boy. Or maybe you already had a baby girl, and you want to get a baby boy. With the latest advance technology, it is now possible to choose the gender of your baby before your pregnancy. Are you looking for how to conceive a boy? Don’t worry! This article is a complete solution for your problem. This article will provide you the best common practices that you can adopt to get pregnant with a baby boy. Moreover, you will find techniques and tips that will give you the best chances for having a boy.

Get Pregnancy with a Boy Genetics

It is very important for both women and men to know what they really want to achieve. By the way, you can visit a nearby genetic counselor to know the role of genes in how to conceive the baby boy. Before you go for the genetic probability in detail, you should know the basic premise that the gender of your baby is totally determined by a male and not from female.

The entire story is about sex chromosomes. In the men body, there is one X chromosome and one Y chromosome, and women contain two X chromosomes. It means that each woman’s sperm is only X chromosome while each male sperm could be either a Y chromosome or an X chromosome. Due to this reason, there are always 50 percent chances of either a couple will have a future boy or future girl. However, if you want to know how to have a baby boy, then you can reduce the chances of having a baby girl by adopting different techniques.

The Shettles’ Method for Conceiving a Boy

How to conceive a baby boy? The Shettles’ method is based on the fact that the boy sperm can move quickly to the egg than the girl sperm, but it is easily broken or damaged and cannot live as long. According to one research, it seemed that the Shettles method has shown the highest success rate. If you are looking for how to get pregnant with a boy, then, Shettles method recommends you the following tips that you have to consider.

How to Conceive a Boy Naturally

So, are you looking for how to make a baby boy? It is good news for you that there are a lot of useful tips for conceiving a boy with taking medications. It is a natural phenomenon that parents want to have both sexes, and if parents have a boy, they wish to get a baby girl and vice versa. By understanding a little about the behavior and conception of sperm, you will get an answer for “how to get pregnant with a boy?” Try to intercourse quite near to ovulation as possible for you. Make love as frequent as you can. From this time, there are no problems with too much sex for you! Try to relax and get pleasure from the process. If the male sperm is faster, it will move to the waiting egg first. It is suggested to have intercourse a few days before ovulation. Another tip for those who wish to get a son is to have intercourse in a way so that you can do deep penetration as the cervix section is already alkaline naturally, as compared to the entrance.