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General Signs and Symptoms of Twin Pregnancy

General Signs and Symptoms of Twin Pregnancy

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Twin Pregnancy is a term used for pregnant mothers who are carrying two fetuses inside the womb. It is caused by two egg cells which are fertilized by the spermatozoa. The cause of this condition is unknown because there are no ultimate causative agents found from the previous years. However, there are several factors that can predispose a pregnant woman to manifests the signs of twin pregnancy. Hereditary and ingestions of fertility drugs are the most common reasons why this condition occurs to women. This article will provide you of information that are related to the general manifestations of twin pregnancy.

Symptoms of twin pregnancies

The symptoms represent the clinical manifestation which is being verbalized by the person. It is subjective in nature and it is usually the most credible part of syndromes. The twin pregnancy symptoms have similar manifestations with singleton mothers. However, the severities of these manifestations are greater compare to mothers who are carrying one fetus.

Multiple fetal movement or kick is a manifestation can be felt by the mother at the later part of the pregnancy. The mother verbalizes feeling of random movement inside the womb which is distinguishable from singleton mom. For singleton pregnant woman, they can pinpoint the exact location, frequency, and duration of fetal movement but mothers who have twin pregnancy can’t determine the actual factors. Pregnant mother may report frequent backache and fatigability because of the fetuses increasing level of activity. Unlike with singleton mom, they usually exhibit these bodily discomforts which are milder in terms of frequency and duration.

Other twin pregnancy symptoms are related to the eating pattern of mother. Pregnant women who are having two or more babies may have their uterus bigger than singleton mom. The expanding uterus can compress the abdominal wall of the mother which may lead to compression of the stomach. This pressure can affect the ability of the stomach to store sufficient

General Signs and Symptoms of Twin Pregnancy
General Signs and Symptoms of Twin Pregnancy
amount of food for digestion and absorption process. Therefore, the eating pattern will be affected because pregnant woman who are attempting to eat one full meal can’t entirely accommodate the food. They can easily feel the fullness of the stomach by just eating minimal amount of food.

The compression of the stomach will lead to the increasing pressure to the nearby organs including lungs. Pregnant mother who are manifesting the twin pregnancy symptoms may report difficulty or shortness of breath. The uterus also compresses the kidney which may cause increasing frequency of urination. However, these manifestations can also occur to singleton mom but the severity is much greater to mothers who have twin pregnancy.

Severity of morning sickness with twins

Morning sickness is common to pregnant women. This is brought by Hcg levels in the blood which is released from the products of conception. However, the severity of this condition does not have significant variation with singleton mom because there are multiple pregnant mothers who may have Hcg level that falls from the normal limit. Blood and urine tests are used to determine the level of human chorionic gonadotropin. It is also known as the beta-subunit assay which is detected as early as 9 days after the ovulation.

What to expect when expecting twins: signs of twin pregnancy

Signs are manifestations that can be observed through assessment. It can be seen through the laboratory tests and other examination. Sometimes these manifestations can be observed by clinical eyes. The signs of twin pregnancy which include multiple heartbeats are identified through stethoscope and Doppler can also identify the presence of two or more fetuses in the womb. This manifestation is being assessed by midwifes, nurses, or doctors wherein they can acquire several heart sounds using these devices. Laboratory tests such as serum blood screening are also used to diagnose the mother with this condition.

Pregnant mother with two or more fetuses inside the womb are prone to premature labor. In order for the specialists to identify this condition, the pregnant mothers are required to undergo ultrasonography. This test can identify the current position of the fetuses inside the womb. As a matter of fact, ultrasound serves as the confirmatory test of multiple pregnancies.

Other signs of twin pregnancy include the increasing weight of the mother. This manifestation is caused by the increasing weight of developing fetuses. The size of the fundus which is measured to identify the fundic height is larger for pregnant mother with two or more babies compare to singleton mothers. The enlarging abdomen can increase the discomfort of the mother which affects the sleeping pattern. The severity of leg pain is more prominent. Moreover, these signs are not definitive because there are several contributing factors.

The general signs and symptoms of multiple pregnancies are usually manifested even by singleton mothers. These are not definitive in terms of diagnosing the condition. Ultrasound tests is the only confirmatory test that produces accurate result.