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Are You Pregnant with Twins?

Are You Pregnant with Twins?

Outlook regarding the pregnancy with twins

Women who are healthy, fit and young are still considered as high risk for pregnancy. A multiple or twin pregnancy will enhance the probability of the women to have premature delivery. This condition usually takes place before the full term, specifically before (37 weeks of gestation). The pregnant women is predispose to other maternal complications if she is carrying more than one fetus. Most doctors will advise them to undergo several prenatal visits that can protect them from the

Are You Pregnant with Twins?
Are You Pregnant with Twins?

potential risks which can occur all throughout the progress of pregnancy.

Mother who is pregnant with twins is required with frequent maternal visits compare to women who are carrying one fetus. As part of the recommended guidelines for multiple pregnancies, you are encouraged to have prenatal consultation to your doctor once per month for the first 24 weeks of gestations, once every two weeks until you reached the 32nd week of gestation, and once or more visits after that.

Multiple pregnancies: what to expect when expecting twins


Most pregnant women should expect several twin pregnancy week by week changes. Dominantly, the physiological discomfort is being manifested more compare to the singleton mom. The pregnant mother may observe abnormal findings in their tests including ultrasound. Unlike with mothers who are carrying one fetus, women with twins pregnancy can observe rapid increase in their weight. Despite of the eating pattern, the women may feel heavier than singleton mom as the twin pregnancy week by week progresses. As you can see, women who are carrying more than one fetus are most likely to suffer from bodily discomforts such as backache and morning sickness. These manifestations usually occur to mothers with multiple pregnancies. As a response to the exceeding level of Hcg which is brought by the products of conception, the intensity of the morning sickness is severed. The pregnant mother must expect several fetal kicks inside her womb if she is diagnosed to have twins pregnancy.

General twin pregnancy symptoms

As part of the twin pregnancy week by week manifestations, the uterus begin to grow at a rate faster than usual. This can indicate multiple pregnancies. In addition, the pregnant mother may report that with quickening she feels fluttering actions at different areas of her abdomen rather that at one specific and consistent spot. She also may report an increased amount of fetal activity than expected for the date. Auscultation may reveal twin pregnancy through multiple fetal heart sounds. A woman who is pregnant with twins may report an increase fatigue and backache. Resting or sleeping may be difficult because of the increase discomfort and fetal activity level. Appetite and intake may decrease because the enlarging uterus is compressing her stomach.

Appropriate practitioner for women who are expecting twins

Several pregnant mothers are advised to select a health care practitioner once they are diagnosed to carry multiple babies. If in case that you were not able to look for obstetrician then this is the right time for you to find one. Have an appointment with them in order for you to acquire necessary indications, tests, and proper guidance once you have learned that you are pregnant with twins. At this point, we also recommend you to look for licensed perinatologist. They are specialized with maternal-fetal care which focuses on high-risk mothers. There are several perinatologists that assist the OB-Gynecologist in identifying the condition of the mother and her baby. If you are carrying two or more babies inside the womb then we recommend you to start consulting the perinatologist. They will provide you with important guidelines that can safeguard your condition as well as your babies.

Common tests for multiple pregnancies

If you are diagnosed to have twins pregnancy then you will undergo the usual tests done to singleton mom. However, you must expect to undergo more frequent and earlier tests. For instance, if the singleton mom may have one or two episodes of ultrasound, you will have four or more. This is done because pregnant mother who are carrying two or more babies are most likely to suffer from premature delivery. Ultrasound can determine the clinical signs of premature labor.

Blood tests will be done frequently to mothers who are pregnant with twins. This is to identify several conditions such as ion deficiency anemia. This condition usually occur to pregnant mothers with multiple babies because your iron are being consumed by the babies rapidly compare to singleton mom. At the end of the day, you will suffer from insufficient amount of iron in the body causing anemia. Another condition that can be determined through blood test is gestational diabetes. The glucose screening examination is performed earlier to women with twin pregnancy. This is usually done between 24th and 28th weeks of gestation.

Since you are considered high risk for premature labor, you will undergo the test for fetal fibronectin. This test is done after the 22nd week of gestation. This protein-containing substance is used to identify if your body is prepared for delivery. The substance can be found in the vaginal secretions.