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36 Weeks Pregnant – Time to Learn Whatever You Can About Labor

36 weeks pregnant time to learn whatever you can about labor

If you are 36 weeks pregnant, then this article will provide you with a pregnancy by week guide. It is highly important that one knows about all the changes that will occur when you are pregnant. Most mothers to be are so ignorant that they do not even know what to expect and whether what their body is undergoing is normal or not. Because of this they rush to the hospital each time something alarming happens or the slightest amount of pain is experienced which leads to a lot of discomfort being experienced by everyone. Also money and time is wasted too. Hence the first thing that a mother to be should do is to know regarding pregnancy symptoms week by week. You should also have sufficient knowledge requiring the baby development week by week so you know what your baby’s requirements are in order to fulfill them on a timely basis.

Your Baby in the thirty sixth week of pregnancy


In your thirty sixth week of pregnancy your baby will continue to increase in height and weight. At this point in time, your baby’s weight will have increased from four pounds to six pounds from the previous weeks and more and more fat is accumulated under the skin. Furthermore, the height of the baby will be approximately nineteen inches now. Also the amniotic fluid and the layer of vernix caseosa will remove from the baby and most of it will be ingested by your baby as it will be in the form of a secretion. Due to this the first bowel expelled by your baby will be blackish in color. Hence such a color is perfectly normal and there is nothing to worry about.

This is the perfect time to get an ultrasound of your baby as the baby is now full developed. Though births earlier than the 37th week of pregnancy are considered to be pre-term births, your baby will be in perfect health. An ultrasound at this point is also necessary so that the exact position of the baby can be determined. In most cases, the head of the baby is near the pelvic area when you achived 36th week of pregnancy. However, if the baby has not taken the appropriate position then your doctor will recommend what is called a cephalic version which is performed externally. What will happen is that your doctor will apply pressure on your abdomen and reposition your baby by turning the head towards the pelvic. If the baby is still not in the right position by the end of your term, the doctor will then recommend a caesarean delivery rather than a normal delivery.

Your Body in the thirty sixth week of pregnancy

Since your baby is now fully grown it will take up all the room in your abdomen so it will be better if you have smaller meals at a more frequent rate. So instead of having a normal sized meal, try to have smaller meals whenever you feel hungry.

  • You might feel relieved as your baby moves down into your pelvic area. Pressure on the abdomen and lungs will slightly decrease but more pressure will be placed on the pelvic area causing you to urinate even more frequently than before. This is why you feel pelvic girdle muscles pain during this period.
  • Since the baby is now pressing on to your pelvic, retaining urine in your bladder will feel impossible at this point. Note that this will only happen if this is your first time being pregnant. Women who have already experienced pregnancy won’t go through this phase unless at the very point when she goes into labor.

Another thing that will become increasingly common is Braxton Hicks contractions. During Braxton Hicks the mom to be experiences a great amount of contractions that last from up to fifteen seconds to almost a minute. As one approaches their end term, these contractions intensify in number and intensity. Braxton hicks can cause immense amount of discomfort so remember to move your position whenever you feel such contractions. Refrain from travelling by road, train, plane or any other way, since women who are 33 weeks pregnant can go into labor at any point. Hence, one should be prepared for delivery at any point.

Some Points to Keep in Mind when your are 36 weeks pregnant

  • You are in your thirty-sixth week of pregnancy it is high time you stay in touch with your doctor on a regular basis. If you notice any discharge from your vagina, especially bleeding you should rush to the doctor.
  • Also make sure that you make appointments and reservations as per your delivery date. Since getting a separate room in a hospital can be extremely difficult to do at the last moment as you need to take care of a million other things.
  • Lastly, you should ask your doctor whatever you can about labor. It’s better to be prepared regarding what is in store for you, since this helps dealing with the whole experience easier.