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32 Weeks Pregnant – Learn More about the Thirty Second Week of Pregnancy

32 Weeks Pregnant - Learn More about the Thirty Second Week of Pregnancy

32 Weeks Pregnant - Learn More about the Thirty Second Week of Pregnancy It is essential to have a week by week pregnancy guide by your side when you are going through this wonderful experience into starting a family. It is highly important to know regarding pregnancy symptoms week by week to avoid sudden alarms and unexpected bodily reactions, sine your body is going through enormous changes throughout the entire period of pregnancy. This article is based on the notion of providing pregnancy by week information to women all over the world. Firstly pregnancy symptoms week by week will be discussed regarding the 32nd week of pregnancy and the article will then move on to discussing baby fetal development for this week.

Braxton Hicks and the thirty second week of pregnancy


So what happens to your body when you are 32 week pregnant? Since the delivery date is coming closer as each day passes, your body will start to rehearse and practice for the final day. You will feel contractions, hardening of muscles and muscular flexing. This is somewhat a trailer for what will happen on the day of delivery. The contractions seem so severe that some women think that they are going into labor and rush to the hospital. These contractions fall in the category of what is known as Braxton Hicks. As you approach your delivery date, these contractions can become more intense and will occur more frequently. So how can you differentiate real labor from Braxton Hicks? Braxton Hicks will eliminate if you move. A change in positioning of the body will cause these contractions to end immediately so stand up if you are lying down or just start walking and you will be relieved of the discomfort. Braxton Hicks are caused by hormones that are in overdrive at the moment and they usually send signals to your body to start preparing itself for the actual delivery. Braxton Hicks last from fifteen seconds to as long as two minutes and do not accompany any pain, but only discomfort caused by severe tightening of the muscles.

Bodily Symptoms if you are 32nd Weeks Pregnant

However, though Braxton Hicks are very common they shouldn’t be taken lightly especially if you are 32nd week pregnancy. Make sure that you know what you are experiencing, since if these contractions and painful and last a very long

32 Weeks Pregnant - Learn More about the Thirty Second Week of Pregnancy
32 Weeks Pregnant – Learn More about the Thirty Second Week of Pregnancy

time, it is advisable you get in contact with your doctor immediately. A few other signs and symptoms during this week include:

  • The mother to be will feel extremely gassy. It is advisable that smaller meals are consumed instead of going for two or three large meals. This will allow your digestive system to relax and not go into overdrive.
  • The mother to be will feel bloated as well. This is due to the fact that your body is digesting your food at a slower rate now. With slowed metabolism more nourishment can be taken out of the food consumed and provided to your baby. This will cause your body to feel swollen (e.g. swollen ankles and feet) and symptoms of constipation can also occur. You should know that constant straining during bowel movement often causes hemorrhoids development. What you can do is consume more and more water to avoid constipation.
  • Moreover, constipation can also be avoided by indulging into regular exercise. You shouldn’t experiment with any rigorous exercise; go for yoga or brisk walk one a day. This will lead to enhance bowel movements and no danger of constipation.
  • One thing you should remember to always keep with yourself during your entire pregnancy is to keep some small snack or high energy bar with yourself. Due to your body working at a double rate, your blood sugar can fall without any warning causing faintness and dizziness. If you keep an energy bar or snack with you at all times you can consume it whenever you are feeling faint or weak. This is of essential importance since low blood sugar can be highly dangerous for you and your baby.
  • Further in your thirty second week of pregnancy you will often feel muscular cramps in your legs and upper calves. If any such thing occurs you should contact your doctor immediately for a lack of magnesium and calcium is a sole cause for cramping. Maybe you aren’t consuming sufficient dosages in your meal and what you could do is ask your doctor about is and adjust your meals accordingly, in order to provide your body and your baby will sufficient nourishment.


The Baby’s Development in the Thirty Second week of Pregnancy

So what is happening to your baby in this particular week? Since you are just a few weeks away from delivery, your baby will start preparing itself for the external environment as well. It has already started practicing sucking, kicking, breathing and even swallowing. In this particular week of pregnancy your baby will start sucking on its thumb inside your womb. Furthermore normal babies weigh around four pounds if you are 32 weeks pregnant, and will be approximately nineteen inches long. Furthermore from being transparent initially, you baby’s skin will start getting more opaque now.