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31 Weeks Pregnant – Possible Symptoms You May Feel

31 Weeks Pregnant - Possible Symptoms You May Feel

If you tend to be counting your week by week pregnancy and you happen to be in the 31st week pregnant, then your baby is like three-more pounds and measures 18 inches in length, nearly approaching the birth length. However, the baby should still pack on more pounds prior to his or her birth day. The brain of your baby would then start getting connections and they simply got lots of them.

What happens with your little baby

The baby is now processing information, tracking up the light and simply perceiving the signals from his or her five senses. The baby would then start getting longer stretches of sleep, so you are probably noticing much of the defined patters of wakefulness as well as movements and even with rest. There would also be chances in which your diaphragm would be

31 Weeks Pregnant - Possible Symptoms You May Feel
31 Weeks Pregnant – Possible Symptoms You May Feel

feeling some cramps. Well, this is only for the reason that your uterus is mainly pushing up against all the other organs, crowding your lungs and making it a little difficult for them to fully expand. The result is that, during the thirty-first week of pregnancy your body would be spare on the air and would be like it until your baby drop sat the end of pregnancy in preparation of you, giving birth. The only thing is that, you should never worry. Your baby is happy and calm, for the reason that he is getting oxygen from the placenta.

Orgasm and parental lovemaking could simply give you interesting effect upon the babies in the womb, as you may notice. Some babies are actually quiet right after their parents are done with sex. Well, they may have been rocked to sleep due to the rhythmic movement, while some become frisky. Both of the responses are completely usual and mainly do not indicate that your baby is merely aware about what’s been going on, just that he is simply having fun for going along the ride. Thus, you should always keep up on enjoying your orgasms and sex life, as much as you like. Eventually, making love with the baby in the house would not be so easy or as convenient as you think.

Common 31 weeks pregnant symptoms

  • Frequent urge to urinate – your uterus would put up more pressure upon your bladder into the third trimester. Well, it will give you lesser room for storing urine. You should also cut down bathroom trips by simply double voiding. Try to pee, but whenever you are done, try to pee again. It will simply ensure that you have emptied your bladder completely.
  • Varicose veins – the veins right at the back of your knee would become so visible, yet unsightly. Actually, it is all because of the growing uterus putting up pressure upon your blood vessels and the pregnancy hormones as well as the increased blood volumes creating the perfect set up for the varicose veins. Try to take some walk, or much better for you to do it throughout the day or simply ensure to get some of the other simple exercises that could boost up the circulation of blood within your body.
  • Headaches – another pregnancy by week 31 that you may notice are occasional headaches. Whenever tension is twisting your head up, you can try spending some time within a dark and quiet room. Whenever you are at work, you can close your eyes and simply put up your feet up for about 15 minutes.
  • Nasal congestion – You may have also been contending with some swollen nasal passages, making you feel a little stuffy. You will find relief whenever you consider delivering, yet until the saline sprays upon the nasal strips, it could simply help you for clearing up the stuffiness in your nose. There are actually antihistamines as well as nasal sprays that are somewhat off your limits, yet you should also consider getting check up with your practitioner to get some sort of recommendations.
  • Backaches – your growing tummy could also do some things upon your back, not to mention that it mainly curves in order to accommodate the load. Whenever you haven’t done such, it is the right time for you to simply incorporate some of the prenatal exercises like doing yoga or Pilates. Some stretches will definitely help you relax your back as well as your mind.
  • Forgetfulness – well, it is a condition for a mum to be carrying the baby development during the 31 week of pregnancy. It is actually a condition resulting to the shrinking of your brain cells into the third trimester. Do not mainly stress out about the foggy memories and stress would only make it worse. So, to help yourself out, you could write things down and simply delegate your responsibility if it is really possible.
  • Edema – the swollen feet and ankles during pregnancy are caused by the uterine pressure and general fluid retention. The pregnant mother may become aware of it is she takes off her shoes and then can’t get them back on again comfortably.

If you would like to be a better mommy, considering those tips mentioned above will simply help you to become one.