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24 weeks pregnant – New Advices For The New Week

24 weeks pregnant – New Advices For The New Week

24 weeks pregnant – The week by week pregnancy program is not that different from the one from the previous weeks, and the pregnancy symptoms week by week might be about the same. Now, the baby has about 30 centimeters, and a weight of 500-600 grams. During the 24th week pregnant, the growth of the baby is proportional, and the organs and systems continue to grow, consolidating the next processes:

  • the functions of the central nervous system;
  • the functions of the digestive system;
  • the reproductive and circulatory functions.

The pregnancy by week symptoms during this period are diverse, and the uterus must be placed about 3-4 centimeters above the belly button. Many women are surprised about the fact that people want to touch their bellies starting with the twenty-fourth week pregnant. It is your choice if you allow them to do so or not, but remember that, usually, there are no sexual implications in this gesture. On the other hand, even if the family and your closest friends might be entitled to do this, you should not let any stranger you meet in the bus to do so.

Changes that take place in your body for the 24 week pregnant

The baby has less space to move during this week; therefore you might feel strong kicks. But after a while, the moves of the baby will seem slower, and with a rhythm. Those changes of evolution are the normal, and they will help you to understand the baby, and to prepare for the moment when you will give birth.

Week by week pregnancy advices

Many women consider those moments of pregnancy as being the perfect occasion to spend some time with themselves, but don’t forget about your family and friends that must be with you for those happy moments.

Now that the pregnancy symptoms week by week are eased, the woman can think about some pleasant activities, such as choosing a name for the baby. Of course, you have infinite options at your disposal. Some women prefer to search a name starting with the 24 week pregnant in special dictionaries, while others already have a name in their mind, usually the name of a grandmother, of a close friend, or a name they like. This process might create some controversies, as the husband and

24 weeks pregnant – New Advices For The New Week
24 weeks pregnant – New Advices For The New Week

the wife are not able to agree on a name. Another factor is important: if you choose to know the sex of a baby, your choice will probably be eased, but the small number of families that choose not to know this aspect have to choose two names, in the eventuality that the baby is a boy or a girl. Try not to be stressed about it, and don’t be alarmed if you don’t have a name after a while. In the majority of cases, the choice comes naturally, and usually those choices that are not forced by an event are usually the best ones.

Tests and verifications

One of the pregnancy by week tests you must do during this period is the glucoses test. This way, you will find out if you are in danger of giving birth before the term, and if those worries disappear, you can fully concentrate on the baby development week by week for the weeks to come.

The skin is fully developed, but it is still thin. It will start to change its structure starting with the 24 week pregnant, as by the time of birth, it will need to accomplish all kinds of functions.

During the 24 week of pregnancy, the child stats to have the perception of his or hers position inside the amniotic bag, as the internal ears develop, and the child starts to be aware of equilibrium. This is why you will probably feel more moves of the child, as this discovery is really enjoyed by the baby, and he will try to change his position often. Those exercises are really useful for later.

The babies born during the 24th week of pregnancy have a survival chance of 50 %. As the time passes, those chances will be higher, however, severe complications might still appear, therefore it is recommended for the child to stay in the belly of her mother for as long as possible.

Remember that each baby and mother are different, therefore, no matter how many articles you read, you should only take them as general information. The week by week pregnancy and the pregnancy symptoms week by week might be different from what you are reading, so the support of a specialist is mandatory. The organism also suffers changes for the 24 week pregnant, and the mother has to know how to interpret those changes if they want to give birth to a healthy child. Of course, in those cases, the support of the family is also important.