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23 weeks pregnant – Feel The Symptoms Every Week

23 weeks pregnant – Feel The Symptoms Every Week

The week by week pregnancy program has come to the 23rd week, and now you must prepare for a new stage. The baby is huge, compared with the first months, and now he or she has about 500 grams, and almost 30 centimeters from heat to toes. The pregnancy symptoms week by week are now accepted by the pregnant woman, and now the child goes through an evolutionist process that will consolidate the changes appeared during the latest months.

During the 23 week pregnant, the baby still suffers transformations, the skin is red and wrinkled from the amniotic liquid, he or she can hear noises and it can also react to unusual circumstances, and the bones from the area of the cartilages will start to form.

Mother’s changes for the 23rd week


Unfortunately, during this pregnancy by week period, the mother has to start to be concerned about another problem: premature birth. Unfortunately, if the baby development week by week since the twenty-third week pregnant will offer fewer chances for the child to live, therefore it is better for him or her to remain here for a few weeks more. A baby born in the 23 – 25 week pregnant has chances of survival from 10 – 70 percent, depending on a large number of factors, such as:

  • the week by week pregnancy evolution;
  • the place where the child is born;
  • the medical facilities available.

Well, every day spent by the child in the urethra increases the chances of survival with 3 percentages, therefore it is recommended for the child to stay there as long as possible, even if the pregnancy symptoms week by week might make the mother to think about assisted birth.

For the 23 week of pregnancy, the woman might think about the way she wants to give birth. There is the traditional way, the surgical intervention, but also the modern technique of giving birth in water. The pregnancy by week program tells us that the chances for a child to survive if he is born after the 30 week are higher.

The baby development week by week for the 23 week pregnant

The urethra continues to grow, and now it is situated 4 centimeters over the belly button, and you will probably start to feel less and less gracious. The baby has more space at his disposal, therefore the movements starting with the 23 week pregnant period are not only felt by the woman, but they can even become annoying, especially because the baby does not has the same “program” as his mother, therefore he might start to discover some new moves at 2 AM in the morning. Instead of complaining, you would better try to understand those moves, to enjoy them, and to create a connection with the baby, as this connection will probably last for the rest of your life!

Other week by week pregnancy signs might be the Braxton Hicks contractions. Those could be scary if you can’t make a difference between the fake and the real ones. Those contractions appear when the urethra muscle contracts for irregular time intervals, usually for 30-60 seconds. If it happens for the first time and you were not warned about the possibility of this phenomenon, those pregnancy symptoms week by week might be really scary. Some women might be so scared, as they would think that birth is close. It is not true, and instead of being scared by those contractions that appear during the 23

23 weeks pregnant – Feel The Symptoms Every Week
23 weeks pregnant – Feel The Symptoms Every Week

week pregnant, it is a better idea to get used with those movements, as they resemble with the ones of travail. Try to relax and to change your position whenever you feel that those pregnancy by week symptoms are strong, as they will eventually disappear.

This phenomenon is called “false travail”, and it is a phenomenon that will prepare your body for the real travail. Drink a glass of water if those contractions become too strong, and call the doctor if the contractions continue for too much time. If they are longer than 60 seconds, than it might be the sign of a problem.

Conclusions for the 23rd week pregnant period

As a conclusion, the 23 week pregnant is an adapting period both for the mother and for the child. As the mother almost certainly has a weight that does not allow her to move too much, it is important for the husband to be supportive. During the 23 week pregnant, the woman might have the weirdest culinary preferences such as ice cream in the middle of a December night, or grapes in January. The husband must understand that those are perfectly normal, and especially if the woman suffers from stress, it is a good idea to fulfill those wishes. After all, it is also better for the child, which will not feel the stressful atmosphere that might appear because of those small “clinches”.