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17 weeks pregnant – Feel the Development Of The Baby

17 weeks pregnant – Feel the Development Of The Baby During the 17th week by week pregnancy period, the baby already has 13 centimeters, and a weight of almost 150 grams! It is almost 50 % bigger than last week, and this rhythm of growing will be maintained for the months to come.

The pregnancy symptoms week by week for the 17 week pregnant are market by an increased mobility of the child, the cartilage forming the skeleton will begin to transform in bones, and during this week, one of the most important pregnancy by week symptoms is the fact that the child might start to hear things. The baby starts to deposit layers of fat, although for the moment, we are only talking about water.

Baby development during the 17th week


The baby development week by week also affects the woman during the 17 week pregnant, as the urethra starts to change its shape to be similar with an egg. Suddenly, it will start to occupy a large portion of the pelvis area, and the urethra will bet close to the belly button. During the 17 week pregnant, the normal distance is 8-5 centimeters, but you should not be alarmed if this distance is smaller or bigger.

Probably, during this week by week pregnancy period, you will feel the moves of the baby, although those are random and separated. During this week, one of the pregnancy symptoms week by week might be bleeding, with no smell and with a milky color, but you should not be alarmed. It is a normal phenomenon for the seventeen week pregnant. However, if you are not sure about the reasons for this happening, you might want to consult a medic immediately, as those could be the signs of premature birth.

Those pregnancy by week symptoms might be avoided with:

  • special solutions;
  • a healthy diet;
  • protégé slips, as tampons might not be so safe;

Avoid cleaning the area with cosmetic products, and try not to clean in profoundness, as you might introduce air in the vagina, and this will probably grow the risk of a vaginal leak, and this way, you might complicate the pregnancy.

If the baby development week by week symptoms come with itches and burn sensations, it might be the sign of an infection, and if the smell is unpleasant, it is possible to have a sexual transmitted disease, therefore it is important to contact the doctor for the proper treatment.

During the 17 week pregnant, it is also important to manage the level of stress that you are supposed to, as the baby will surely benefit if you have a good mood. Studies showed that stress could be the cause of premature birth, and this is something that must surely be avoided. Avoid any kind of stress from people around you, such as friends, family and explain to them why they have to accept your moods, but try to control yourself also, as your pregnancy might be a reason for stress not only for you, but also for people around you.

During the 17 week pregnant, some women could suffer the carpal tunnel problem, which is a disease characterized with inflammation, pain and finger pains. Fortunately, those week by week pregnancy symptoms will disappear a few days. Many women observe this feeling of discomfort especially during the night or when they work on a computer, you can use an ergonomic keyboard, or some special bands to cover your wrists. If the symptoms are too painful, the doctor could recommend you to wear something like a support.

Relaxing methods for pregnancy

Week 17 is also a week when you can forget about the pregnancy symptoms week by week, and you can think about buying some things for the child’s room. By this time, you already know some things about your baby. Some families prefer not to know the sex of the baby, and in this case, it is hard to make the necessary shopping. On the other hand, the joy of discovering the sex of the baby while you hold him or her in your arms for the first time is great.

During the 17 week pregnant, probably all your friends and relatives know the big news, therefore you can accept visitors, as they will probably make you good. However, try to avoid people that smoke due to dangerous second hand smoke statistics, or at least tell them from the start that they can’t smoke while they are visiting you. Sure, it is a thing of common sense, and the majority of your friends would probably know this without asking, but it is not a bad idea to warn them about this aspect.

The pregnancy by week process is probably stabilized now, and all you need to do is to enjoy your state and to feel good about yourself. After all, you will be a fresh mother in a few months, and you will have to get used with this state of facts also.