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14 weeks Pregnant – What Should You Do?

14 weeks Pregnant - What Should You Do? The 14 week by week pregnancy period is something special. Your baby already has almost 9 centimeters, and he or she weights about 43 grams. From now, the baby will know an extensive growing, and his weight and length will grow dramatically for the next period. In fact, as the majority of organs are already developed, since the fourteenth week, the baby will only grow in dimensions, the pregnancy symptoms week by week will disappear, and the mother can concentrate for being relaxed, as the baby will surely benefit of this. After the 14 week pregnant, the mother must only rest and wait. In fact, considering the fact that the all the weight of the mother is already high, it is assumed that she will only need to rest and to take care of the good development of the baby.

Pregnancy by week symptoms


The pregnancy by week program starting this week suffers small modifications. The baby development week by week will also remain about the same. The length of the body will start to compensate, the ears will start to move on the lateral side of the head, and the eyes will get close one to the other. The neck will start to grow, and the chin will come out of the chest. The reflexes will continue to develop, and the mother should feel the latest “discoveries” of the child. The baby can feed directly from the placenta.

As starting with the fourteenth week pregnant, everything that you inhale might be transmitted to the child; you must develop a healthy diet. Choose a healthy and equilibrated diet, and avoid alcohol and smoking. Moreover, don’t ever change the sand from the cat box and don’t get out in the garden without hand gloves, as you might get infected with some germs that will harm the baby eventually.

Mother’s body modifications

For the fourteenth week pregnant, your belly might be pretty obvious, and this is a welcomed change for many women. Moreover, you will probably observe supplementary week by week pregnancy such as constipation, that could even degenerate into hemorrhoids, as this problem is given by the increased quantity of iron that you consume to avoid anemia during pregnancy.

However, those pregnancy symptoms week by week can be easily removed with some simple tricks. Drink as much water as possible, consume foods with an increased number of fibers, but not too much of them at the same time, as you could experience…gases Incorporate the next foods in your diet:

  • fruits;
  • vegetables;
  • aliments that are rich in fibers.

Your diet would probably remove the fourteen week pregnant unwanted symptoms, allowing you to avoid discomfort and constipation.

Other changes of your body during this pregnancy by week period

Besides the fact that your belly will continue to grow and the baby development week by week will also continue, for the 14 week pregnant, you will discover that you are more willing to exercise. You will start to have sufficient energy to enter a fitness program, and the majority of women start a workout program starting with the 14 week pregnant. If you haven’t dome sport since now, make sure to have the approval of the doctor before starting this program, as else, the week by week pregnancy program might be affected.

it is important to start gradually, as because of the increased level of hormones in the body, you might hurt yourself, especially during the third semester when the body releases a substance called relaxine, a substance that helps the body to relax, and stretches the urethra to ease the transition for travail. However, while this substance is released in the body, the pregnancy symptoms week by week might be muscle accidents. This is why the exercises you make starting with the 14 week pregnant would probably be adjusted by the instructor for the conformation of your body. For example, a pregnant woman must avoid exercises that will force her back, as the heart might stop beating and you might feel like you can’t breathe anymore. You might even faint if you don’t change your position.

One of the most important pregnancy by week symptoms that you must avoid is the tendency to keep a diet to reduce the number of deposed kilograms. It is important not to keep a diet while you are pregnant, as the baby development week by week depends on the substances you give to the baby.

Eating habits during this week

On the other hand, just because you eat a lot during the 14th week pregnant does not mean that you don’t need to control what you are eating. For example, you must avoid spicy foods, or any other food that might harm your baby. If you don’t give enough nutrients to the baby, he or she might suffer at birth and even after. Your doctor is the most suited person to recommend you some great foods, and with his help, you will definitely be able to give birth to a healthy child.