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How to Tell Your Boss You’re Pregnant

How to Tell Your Boss You're Pregnant

So, you are pregnant and would like to get your maternity leave right before your baby arrives. Well, before you file your maternity leave letter, the first thing that you should do is by telling your boss that you are pregnant. You may think that it could be a scary thing. However, there’s just lots of things that you could do to make it work. You may have lots of questions in mind just as on how to tell your pregnant early, what would be the ways for announcing pregnancy at work and anything about on how to tell when you’re pregnant and more.

Break the news — you are pregnant!

So, how can you tell you’re pregnant? A lot of women choose to wait until they are already through with their first trimester, most especially when they come up with the point of going down with the risks of miscarriage and more confident in terms of keeping up their pregnancy. The only thing is that, you certainly don’t want to wait until you are showing your baby bump obviously.

Ask yourself first before knowing how can you tell you’re pregnant. Do you suffer from the complications of pregnancy? If that is that case, you would be relieved in telling your coworkers about your pregnancy at a very early stage. If you are getting through morning sickness or being fatigued, you should let others know about your pregnancy, as they would understand you more and give you sympathy. Moreover, if you have the stressful kind of job, you should let your employer know about your pregnancy. Keep in mind that this is all for the sake of your baby and of you as well.

Tips on how to tell you’re pregnant

  • Decide when to tell your boss- keep in mind that you need to have a plan about when you would like to tell your boss about your pregnancy. This could simply be right at the end of your first trimester whenever your job is not being changed by your pregnancy, just like you are not working with hazardous chemicals and should have to tell it sooner. Knowing how to tell you’re pregnant starts with this.
  • Talk to your boss – do not fall down into the trap of telling other people in the office, before telling your boss. It would not really look professional whenever you let your boss be the last one to know about your pregnancy. It goes the same with your getting through the morning sickness right at work. Tell everyone before your symptoms do it.
  • Be professional – you must always remember when it comes to minor exceptions, you should always handle your job with the same way that you did right before you got pregnant. One way to start knowing how to tell if you are pregnant is by not being a princess and expect that everyone would do the work for you. This would only make your coworkers or even your boss to resent you.
  • How will your pregnancy affect your job – you should also know how your job would become affected due to your pregnancy. Is the deadline of your big project goes the same of your due date? Would you rather choose to change your travel plans because of that? Keep in mind that you have to have your plans in place prior to your pregnancy, as soon as you know it, most especially if you haven’t told your boss about it yet.
  • Talk about your maternity leave – your employer would be concerned if you would be coming back or not. You would or would not know about it at all. If you haven’t made up your mind, then you should be honest about this thing and simply say that you will still be coming back. You should have the plans as to getting the one who could replace you in doing
    How to Tell Your Boss You're Pregnant
    How to Tell Your Boss You’re Pregnant

    your job. Find the best reliever who could do the tasks you do.

  • Do not be afraid – so, how do you tell if you’re pregnant? Lots of women are actually frightened about telling their boss. At some point, they feel that they would lose their job just like that. They would lose it for the reason that they thought that pregnancy is taken as discriminatory and you just want to be protected from such thing. Well, you should never be afraid of being pregnant. You could never be fired for being one.
  • Decide where to tell your employer – you must also think about where you would want to tell anything about your pregnancy to your boss. Keep in mind that the break room would be having lots of the onlookers and it is a bad idea. Talking with them when they are not in a rush or rather in a bad mood is a good thing. You could grab a cup of coffee or get some quick lunch together could also be a nice thing.

You should never be afraid of knowing how to tell if you are pregnant. You could always get the chance to tell him or her about this in a very nice way. If you consider these tips mentioned above. You could always find the best way to do it. Keep in mind that timing is all important and it is just what you need.