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Being Pregnant at Work

Introduction to the problem

Being Pregnant at Work Being pregnant every woman faces with one of the greatest miracles in her life. Pregnancy is something that some other women cannot get. This is for the reason that they find it hard to conceive due to some hormonal or health problems. If you found out that you are pregnant, then it is something you must be thankful about. So, since you are pregnant, you and your partner now need to work together and that is all for the preparation of you, giving birth, so as for the future of your baby.

The question is, can you consider being pregnant at work? The answer for this is yes. If you think that you are a healthy woman and have that typical pregnancy and you are working on a very safe environment, why not? You can simply continue working right until you deliver or much closer to it. When you are getting closer to the end of pregnancy, you may get tired of working in a very easy way. However, you must never think that it is bad. You should always take easy as you could. Moreover, never try being a martyr. If you could get your maternity leave start within a week or two right before your due, then take it. Simply use it for taking a good rest, prepare everything that you need and indulge yourself with things you want to do, eat and everything.

Strenuous jobs for pregnant women


If you are pregnant and yet, your work is some kind of a strenuous, then you could do some sort of modifications all throughout your pregnancy. Some of the studies presented that jobs for pregnant women like lifting heavy materials, standing most of the working hours, getting excessive or irregular hours of work and other things are likable for premature child delivery, lower birth weight babies and may even build up high blood pressure all through their pregnancy.

Whenever you think that you have a very strenuous job, you should decide on how you could take your pregnancy in the best possible manner. It could be great if you can choose to switch the kind of work for pregnant women, which is less physically demanding. For instance, you could exchange the tasks with your co-worker, like you are doing the desk tasks and she does the work that needs more of standing and walking. If you think that this is impossible, then you may try getting an occasional vacation day or sick day in order to relieve your fatigue and be able to reduce the hours you are working or the time you are spending upon your feet, most especially if it is already your second trimester end.

Pregnancy at work with toxic substances

Apart from strenuous jobs for pregnant women, do you also work on areas where toxic substances are present? Well, if this is the case, you fairly need a good reassignment of job. This should happen prior to being pregnnat. If you are working in an area where you could have contact with some reproductive hazards like mercury, lead and chemicals just as the biological agents, radiation and solvents. Keep in mind that these agents are teratogens that could cause health problems just like pre-term delivery, miscarriage, structural defects of the baby and even with unusual fetal and infant growth whenever a woman is already exposed through it during or even before her pregnancy.

You could always try asking your employer about giving you the information regarding harmful substances that you could be exposed right at your work. It is one of the considerations you should do at when you are getting through pregnancy at work. The OSHA or Occupational Safety and Health Administration require all of the importers and manufacturers of these chemicals to evaluate thoroughly the chemicals that they all create and then make the MSDS or the Material Safety Data Sheet in order to communicate with any sort of potential hazard to the users. So, your employer must know such things and be able to give you the information that you need.

Pregnancy, complications and work

If you are thinking about the ordinary conditions or even the risk factors that could stop pregnant women and work on tasks that they do, keep on reading:

  • When you are already at risk of the so called pre-term labor. It merely includes women who are then expected for twins or multiples.
  • When you are at risk of preeclampsia or merely having high blood pressure.
  • When you have cervical insufficiency or a history of miscarriage.
  • When your baby is not properly growing inside your womb.


Managing morning sickness at your work

There are about 65% of women who experience vomiting or nausea during their pregnancy. With such, it would surely hit you all through your workday. Whenever you have trouble in keeping down the food, you can then just keep mouthwash and towels at your table or in the car and look out for the fastest way in the bathroom. Whenever you haven’t yet told your co-workers about this news, then you must be ready in giving them explanations just in case somebody comes in while you are indisposed.

When you are being pregnant, there are factors that you have to consider, most especially when it comes to jobs for pregnant women.