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Diabetes and pregnancy complications

Pregnancy is as important phase of any women life. This phase can alter her life completely physically as well as mentally. However, during pregnancy women may suffer various complications and one such condition is diabetes in pregnancy. Diabetes and pregnancy is one such condition in which mother and fetus both can suffer various complications.

There are two types of diabetes one is type 1 diabetes and other is type 2 diabetes. Mostly people suffer from diabetes are unaware of fact that they are diabetic. However, type 2 diabetes is more chronic as in it body of patient is completely unable to generate any insulin. During pregnancy mostly women with any type of diabetes will be aware of it in early stages of pregnancy as urine of pregnant women is checked for all type of infections and glucose level in blood. One condition of diabetes in pregnancy is also known as gestational diabetes. In this condition women may develop diabetes during pregnancy.

Gestational diabetes in pregnancy

If diabetes is developed after conception than this type of diabetes is called as gestational diabetes. Placental disorder is main cause of such type of diabetes. In this type of diabetes sugar level in body of pregnant woman start to increase as pancreas of women is unable to generate more quantity of sugar in body.

This type of diabetes can be diagnosed within 24 to 28 weeks after conception. For diagnosis of pregnancy diabetes woman is prohibited to take any type of food or sweet liquid for 8 hours. After this the level of blood sugar is determined in body with help of blood test or urine test.

There is an unusual oral glucose broadmindedness examination in the analysis in which the woman is taught not to eat something for the subsequently 8-hours. The sugar levels of their blood are then calculated by the doctors. The analysis would assist you to realize that you are a guess of gestational diabetes or you are totally usual with your baby.

Pregnancy diabetes symptoms

Diabetes during pregnancy is difficult to determine with some obvious symptoms however, some generalized symptoms can be associated with pregnancy and diabetes. Such symptoms include:

  • Increased thirst with craving for more and more water;
  • Fatigue and stress;
  • Need of urination repeatedly;

If these conditions are observed during pregnancy than it, is important to conduct glucose test pregnancy. However, it is also important to remember that no major pregnancy diabetes symptoms are visible in pregnant women. So the most accurate way to determine pregnancy diabetes is through screening or pregnancy diabetes test. To monitor glucose level throughout pregnancy physicians may need to check for any symptoms of hyperglycemia at different stages of pregnancy.

Diagnosis of diabetes in pregnancy

If any symptom of diabetes is observed during pregnancy, it is important to visit physician for blood test. Blood test cannot only help to determine gestational diabetes but some women also exhibit type one and type two, diabetes during pregnancy. Such women need to continue regular treatment of diabetes along with their medication for pregnancy. The level of sugar in blood determines glucose level and indicates presence of diabetes.

Causes of diabetes in pregnancy

Pregnancy and diabetes both condition together need proper care and medical treatment. This condition most prevails in women, more than 25 years of age. The second major cause of diabetes in pregnancy is family history with diabetes. Likewise, women with excess of amniotic fluid can also exhibit gestational pregnancy.

Side effects of diabetes on baby

Diabetes during pregnancy effects on baby badly. The most known problem of such new born baby is known as macrosomia or babies with huge bodies. Diabetes and pregnancy complications can give rise to various birth problems in child.

Huge bodies of diabetic women baby is due to higher amount of sugar level child received through placenta. Another complication diabetic pregnancy can face is birth of child with abnormality.

How to monitor eating habits in gestational diabetes

Extreme measures should be made to monitor pregnancy diabetes. As, it is known that whatever food is consumed broken down into glucose. This glucose is further metabolized by insulin to generate energy. However, absence of enough amount of insulin can result into high blood glucose. Therefore, it is important to monitor eating habits of diabetic pregnant women.

The most important thing which can affect level of glucose in blood is carbohydrates. This is due to the reason that carbohydrate is easily broken down into glucose. Therefore, it is important to observe amount of carbohydrate consumed in pregnancy.

The dieting habits of diabetic pregnant woman should include following important aspects:

  • In morning resistance level of insulin is greater than other times therefore, less carbohydrate should be consumed at this time.
  • Your dieting plan should comprise of three large meals and two small meals. This keeps metabolism system active.
  • For pregnancy if you suffer from morning sickness than you can intake small amount of crackers or cereals which can help to avoid nausea? Also avoid oily foods. Estimate your calorie intake with online calorie calculator.
  • If a diabetic pregnant woman is also using insulin injections than she should also know how to handle low sugar level which can result in weakness.
  • Always avoid foods with high sugar content.
  • High fiber food should always be consumed which can enhance energy level and can give proper food to fetus. Such foods can include pasta, rice, cereals, fruits, etc.
  • Increased amount of water should be consumed by pregnant diabetic women.

There are many other things which can help to take care of pregnancy and diabetes which include calcium rich food, using folic acid regularly to reduce folic acid deficiency anemia, proper intake of iron, foods rich in vitamin A and vitamin C can also help in this regard. Glucose test pregnancy can help to determine diabetes in pregnancy at right time which can be then treated in more accurate way.