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Top-10 Hair Care Tips for Pregnant Women

Top-10 Hair Care Tips for Pregnant Women

Hair Care Stuff for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is about having various physical and physiologic changes. This includes the hair. The hair becomes thick and it grows faster because of the pregnancy hormones that stimulate other glands to produce specific changes to the hair. This can be very beneficial for some pregnant mother but others see it as a disadvantage. Most of the pregnant women are challenged with their hair and how they select for the best hair care products. As the hair changes, they tend to look for the most appropriate hair care tips that helps them to groom their hair with the best hairstyle as possible. Some will settle with dying hair while pregnant.

Hair revolves with the looks of a person, whereas the looks reflect the personal integrity of the pregnant women. Aside from using natural hair care recipes, there are ways on how to take care of your hair which are considered safe and effective.

Hair Care Tips During Pregnancy

These tips will help you to achieve beautiful and healthy hair during your pregnancy period.

  • If possible, massage your hair using any warm natural oils. Make sure to leave it for a couple of minutes. We recommend you to use essential oils that have calming scents. This can provide you a soothing and relaxing mind if you are comfortable with your hair. After that, you can wrap your hair with hot towel. This will let your hair to fully absorb the essential oils through your scalp. It can strengthen the tips and roots of your hair. These natural hair care tips will give you the best and stunning glossy and refreshing hair.
  • An effective and natural hair care products which are available at home are spinach and lettuce. These vegetables have superficial effect to your hair. You need to crush these vegies and take the juices from it. Make sure to combine the same amount of their juices and put in a glass. You can drink as many as you like. Ideally, we recommend you to drink these natural hair care recipes in the morning before breakfast. As a sort of information, these veggies are rich in zinc and iron. These nutrients are very essential for the pregnant mother. Studies show that pregnant women who have hair loss are deficit with these essential nutrients. You can also eat nuts, lean meat, eggs, whole grains, cereals, and eggs which are rich in zinc and iron. It helps you to prevent hair loss.
  • Aside from dying hair while pregnant, you can also use treatment hair masks that use natural hair care recipes. Using the virgin olive oil and jojoba oil, you can incorporate it with juices of bananas and melons. We also recommend you to add almond oils in it. Mix them and apply it to your hair. Pay attention to the roots. It ensures you for preventing hair loss while pregnant.
  • Eat foods rich in anti-oxidants is another hair care tips. There are foods which has good sources of anti-oxidants. Oxidants are toxins that can affect your hair follicles. If you lack of vitamins and minerals that promote hair loss while pregnant, we advise you to eat fresh fruits and veggies. This can nourish the follicles of your hair.
  • Avoid stress. Stressing yourself with so many things promote hair loss. This can totally affect your well-being. As for the hair care products, choosing the right conditioners, brushes or comb, and shampoo must be done appropriately. You need to tie your hair as much as possible. We also recommend you to use blow dries and frequently change your hair styles.
  • Visit a salon. If you are planning to have coloring hair session, we better recommend you to have hair massages instead. This is very effective especially if you are going through a lot of stressful events. You can stay relax and calm while the attendant massages your hair. This can promote proper blood circulation. Do this occasionally and to avail for the most appropriate professional hair care for you.
  • Try sporting low haircuts. There are several types of low hairstyles such as layered bob. These hairstyles are very appropriate for pregnant women who do not want to comb their long hair regularly. It makes them look elegant and glamorous. You can also try using natural coloring hair products such as henna to add up for the aesthetic of your hair.
  • Engage to any activities that can calm your mind and body. This is to distract you from stress and anxiety. Yoga and any meditation activities must be done while you are pregnant.
  • Limit yourself from other hair treatments like straightening and perming. As the pregnancy progresses, your hair texture changes as well. Most of the time, the solution used for curly hair care do not respond well. It also goes with dying hair while pregnant.
  • Another natural hair care recipes is Aloe Vera. This magnificent herb is very essential for your hair. Using this, you need to combine at least one teaspoon of its juice together with coconut milk and wheat germ oil. Wash your hair every other day using the solution. This will prevent you from losing hair.

These hair care tips will push you further to the next level of grooming. Hence, you need to understand the special precautions for hair care by asking your doctor.