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7 Weeks Pregnant: From Embryo to Human Form

7 Weeks Pregnant: From Embryo to Human Form If you are a proud mom to be in your Seventh week of your pregnancy, this article is for you. Not only will you get to know all about the bodily changes you might experience in this week of the first trimester, you will also be aware of the developmental process of the baby inside you. As an expecting mother, knowing about pregnancy symptoms week by week is a great idea as it keeps a woman informed about changes taking place in her body. Seventh week of pregnancy is a time period with special signs and symptoms that will be talked about in detail in this article.

Knowing well is preparing well


Pregnancy is one wonderful time in the life of a woman that is very exciting and thrilling for the sheer fact that a new life takes shape inside her and after the completion of the term; she is able to give birth to a healthy baby. Week by week pregnancy symptoms is a tool that keeps a woman informed and prepared and she knows what to expect in a particular week.

The lifeline to the baby becomes formed

By the start of seventh week of pregnancy, umbilical cord gets formed. This cord is the connection between the expecting woman and her baby for the entire duration of her pregnancy. This cord not just takes nourishment and oxygen from your body to the baby; it also sends the waste products created by the baby back to the body of the mother to be disposed of. Seventh week also happens to be the time when the digestive tract and lungs of the baby take concrete shape though they continue to develop later also.

Eat for the two to not feel very tired

If you are seven weeks pregnant and have started to feel fatigued, it is because of the growing needs of your baby. It also means that you ought to be more careful and put only good things inside your belly to get more energy for yourself as the life taking shape inside. This also happens to be the time to manage pregnancy cravings as well as the diet that is best for you and the baby.

The world still can’t notice the differences in the body of a woman

If you think that the world will notice about your baby inside, forget it as there are still no outward changes in your body. This is despite the fact that the size of the baby has increased more than 10000 times since conception. However, morning sickness and other pregnancy symptoms do raise their head and getting a handle on week by week pregnancy symptoms makes it easier for a mother to be.

Changes in the baby

The size of the baby is now roughly equal to a blueberry and most of the growth that has taken place is seems to be in the head of the baby. This may be because of the fact that brain cells develop at a very fast rate of nearly a hundred every minute. There is growth in the form of arm and leg buds and the mouth and the tongue of the baby also starts to take shape. If you have a beautiful baby in your dreams, you may have to wait for a long time but his facial features such as eyes, nostrils, mouth, and ears begin to take shape by the start of the seventh week of pregnancy. The arms of the baby begin to bend around the elbow and the tail of the embryo is about to disappear in a few more days. This means that the baby starts to look more human like in the Seventh week of pregnancy. Heart of the baby also begins to beat in a more rhythmic manner. The baby now has organs like the heart, liver, kidneys, and spleen.

All about the mother

The growth of placenta is the biggest change that takes place in the body of the mother to be. This is red color tubing that takes nourishment from the mother and passes it to the baby. In fact, this placenta serves as a lifeline for the baby till the completion of the term of pregnancy. This placenta releases many hormones called pregnancy hormones into the bloodstream of the mother. While a rise in levels of this hormone is good for your pregnancy, this hormone also makes you feel nauseated when confronted with smelly things. But these hormones may be the reason for your sudden cravings for food items that you never liked before. Look out for these signs of pregnancy in the Seventh week.

Among pregnancy symptoms week by week for the seventh week, the growth of placenta and nausea along with mood swings and the frequent need to urinate dominate other symptoms. Yes, you may suddenly feel exhausted and tired without having exerted yourself. However, it has to be remembered that different women react differently to changes in the body because of pregnancy and one may experience all or only a few of the symptoms described in this article.