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Preparing for birth: main things to do

Important things to do before giving birth

Preparing for birth: main things to do As part of the pregnancy we always thing of different things such as the upcoming labor process and the delivery of the baby. We always think of the possible ways on how to bear with the last week of pregnancy and minimize the anxiety level. It is not an easy task for the term mother to think of the possible things before giving birth. This is why husband should also take into consideration of contributing a lot of responsibility since the pregnant mother needs to focus on herself by preparing for the labor and delivery.

Below are the common items that a pregnant mother should have before giving birth:


  • Baby’s clothes
    The purpose of these clothes is to provide protection for the baby once it is transferred into the nursery room. The baby’s body is not yet capable of adapting the changing temperature of the external environment. Most of the time, they are being warmth by a drop light. This is to normalize the body temperature of the baby. Normally, the baby is hypothermic (low temperature) because of insufficient adipose tissue.
  • Beddings
    Although most of the hospitals have its beddings, we recommend you to bring your own. This is to make you more comfortable and convenient. You can also bring extra one in case that your beddings become soiled.
  • Diaper bag
    Since the baby is now capable of eliminating, they need a diaper. Diaper bag is part of the baby kit. You can prepare these things at the last week of pregnancy, but we recommend you to plan earlier. A term mother who is pregnant for 40 weeks of gestation should also have their adult diaper too. In case the mother is not capable of going out of the bed or not comfortable with bed pan then they can also use diapers.
  • Blankets
    You can also bring extra blanket for you and your baby. The same reason applies for the baby’s clothes. It provides warmth and protection. You also need this once the baby is ready for travel.
  • Baby pacifiers
    Although it is not really an obligatory but pacifiers is a big help too. If possible bring a pacifier and put it in the baby kit.


Preparing for the birth

A term mother should anticipate her needs before the labor process. Here are some of our recommendations for you to prepare yourself for the upcoming labor and delivery:

  • Eating nutritious food
    As part of the pregnancy diet guidelines you need to eat healthy foods with rich in vitamins and minerals. It is very essential since you need to be physically healthy. You are about to give birth and it requires your with sufficient energy to end up with easy and normal labor process.
  • Taking supplements
    Although foods may provide you with vitamins and minerals but sometimes it is not sufficient. Therefore, we recommend you to ask your doctor about the possible supplements that can add up to your dietary requirements.
  • Drinking healthy juices
    You can drink fruit juices and teas. Just make sure to avoid caffeine products. It is a potent diuretics and it will even enhance you urinary urgency. Fruit juices can also increase your dietary requirements in a day.
  • Drinking plenty of water
    It is very important that you have sufficient liquid in the body. Since your kidney is compressed during the last week of pregnancy because the baby is now starting to fix itself into the pelvic region. Therefore, expect that you will have frequent trips to the bathroom. As a replacement of the fluid loss, you need to drink plenty of water. Hydrating yourself is very important in the labor and delivery.
  • Exercises
    The important of prenatal exercises is to help you gain muscle strength. It also helps you to relieve discomforts such as low back pain. Your muscle should be conditioned enough since you will be using it as you bear down the baby during the delivery.


Preparing things at home

Once the baby arrives at home, you will no longer have enough time to prepare the things needed for your baby. We don’t want you to happen this unless you have someone who can do it in your behalf. However, we recommend you to implement these things before the arrival of the baby at home:

  • Preparing the baby’s room
    The room of the baby should be clean. The cabinet where the baby’s clothes are placed should be tidy and free of dirt. The baby has immature immune system. Therefore, they have greater risk of having illness causing disease.
  • Preparing foods
    It is important that you have enough foods which are easy to prepare for the upcoming days after delivery. You will not have enough time to cook food and it is not advisable to eat foods from the fast food chains. During the last month of pregnancy, you need to plan at least 2 weeks duration for food ration.
  • Preparing the baby tub
    You need to secure the tub of the baby since you need it for bathing the baby. You also include hypoallergenic shampoos, lotion and other pampering items for the baby.