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9 months pregnant – What to expect

9 months pregnant - What to expect This article aims to provide 9 months pregnant mother with a clear picture on what to expect for the baby and your own physical condition as the pregnancy progresses up to the date of delivery. It is categorized according to weeks within the last month of pregnancy and important details pertaining to the third trimester of pregnancy.

A nine months pregnant mother in her 38 weeks pregnant period

At 38 weeks pregnant period, your gynecologist will perform a pelvic exam to monitor the progress of pregnancy.

Your cervix will be checked if it is thin and soft. It is medically known as the process of effacement. The delivery of the baby begins when your cervix is fully dilated or about 10 cm and 100 percent effaced. For first time mothers, the cervix effaced before it dilates which is opposite to the multipara mothers. Others might suggest that this is the best time to have sex. The prostaglandins in the semen can help you to initiate the labor. The 9th month of pregnancy is about preparation for labor, therefore this must be reinforces. Using of castor oil at 38 weeks pregnant period is recommended as well.

The 9 months pregnant mother should know that there is nothing new with the fetal development at the 38 weeks pregnant period. The baby starts to shed lanugo hair in the body and surfactants in the lungs are increasing. The baby can hear your voice and starts positioning to see you in the future.

A nine months pregnant mother at 39 weeks pregnant period

At 39 weeks pregnant period, you will be surprised with the sudden urge to clean the house. This is normal since it is a part of your nesting behavior. As the third trimester pregnancy begins, you will start manifesting this behavior. This is a positive indication that your future baby will be ready to see the external world. Just make sure not to exhaust yourself. Don’t overdo things like climbing because it is very dangerous. At 39 weeks pregnant the posture becomes unstable. At this point of time, you need to rest and reserve energy for the upcoming labor signs in pregnancy. The height and weight of the baby development is narrowed. At 39 weeks pregnant period the baby is now ready to meet you.

The 40 weeks of pregnancy

At 40 weeks pregnant period, this time you are now ending the pregnancy period by preparing yourself for the upcoming labor process and safe delivery of the baby. The feeling of dread and fear during the early period of third trimester pregnancy will change into anticipation and excitement because you will no longer suffer from the common discomforts within the 9th month of pregnancy. This is the most crucial part of pregnancy since 40 weeks pregnant signs of labor will start to manifest. Contractions, water and bloody show begin to appear. You need to spend most of your time to rest. The sex at 40 weeks pregnant can also help the mother to initiate labor.

At 40 weeks pregnant period, the baby movements should be monitored. Report any unusual activity of the baby. Don’t worry you are in the safe stage. Your doctor might tell you to expect the labor process up to 41 weeks pregnant period and sometimes it reaches at 42 weeks. Almost 9 months pregnant mother should learn the proper way of breastfeeding and to perform newborn care. At 41 weeks pregnant period, she should be expecting to labor anytime of the day. To be exact, doctors considered pregnant mother who reach the 40 weeks of pregnancy as full term. This is the normal form of pregnancy. A mother who begins to feel contractions should start going to the hospital and continue the labor process there. During the 9th month of pregnancy, anytime of the day she will be giving birth to her future baby. It is very exciting to see the outcome of all the efforts. The burden that she had suffered for 40 weeks pregnancy period is not an easy task. Support system is very important. The partner or husband should be there during the course of labor. At 41 weeks pregnant the mother is now ready to face the final moment of her pregnancy period, the delivery of the baby. This is true since most of the first time mother anticipate their tasks to be challenging.

The pregnant mother must be physically prepared and emotionally stable. If the pregnant mother has children, she must coordinate with someone whom she can trust her other kids. By doing this, she might pay attention to the needs of her other children while having admitted for delivery. She can also delegate some important tasks to other children and let them know about the progress of labor. If possible, the husband or partner must coordinate with the gynecologist about the condition of the pregnant mother.