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Get Ready to Postpartum Exercise

Postpartum exercise: a little pep talk

Get Ready to Postpartum Exercise After the new born arrives, tons of new responsibilities and work load comes with the package. Also add emotional and physical changes. Last thing a new mother would want to go for is post pregnancy workout. But a little exercise after pregnancy also known as postpartum exercise can provide you with much needed vigor and energy, help you on postpartum weight loss and keep you motivated. So, going for an half hour walk or some light free hand exercises could help you cope with different postpartum conditions and also postpartum weight loss.

Postpartum workout: a few basics from the experts

Postpartum recovery is a gradual process and mothers soon get back to their normal physical and mental self. Mothers who followed a light fitness program during pregnancy can start walking and other light exercises within days after the delivery. Those losing touch with their workout habit during pregnancy should consult their doctors first before starting post pregnancy workout. Also mothers who went through a stable vaginal delivery without facing any complications can start postpartum exercise after a few days or whenever they want. Mothers who faced cesarean section and experienced complications during vaginal delivery should consult with their physicians. But women with cesarean section can benefit a lot from a little walk. Walking prevents blood clot, speeds up the healing and prevents other complications.

Mothers should be careful while walking and exercising, because, their ligaments and joints stay a little loose for 3 to 5 months.

At the end of the day, the doctor’s opinion matters the most. Just don’t push yourself, move slowly. Start losing baby weight, build your fitness and enjoy your baby.

Benefits of postpartum exercises

Set up a daily routine for exercise and you’ll feel the difference. Mothers can be beneficiary to post pregnancy workout in a lot of ways, both physically and spiritually. For example, postpartum weight loss is something really hard to gain. Suddenly losing baby weight will be so much easier. Also postpartum exercise methods can help you deal with various postpartum mental disorders a lot smoothly. Post baby workout will leave long term benefitting effects, such as:

  • Losing baby weight;
  • Improve the cardiovascular fitness;
  • Boost up your energy level;
  • Relieve stress;
  • Restore muscle strength;
  • Improve your mood;
  • Adjust the abdominal muscles;
  • Helps preventing and speed up the recovery process from postpartum mental disorders;
  • All in all, gives us healthy and confident mothers.


Postpartum workout: the options, techniques and guidelines

The smartest thing to do is get familiar with your post pregnancy health and your baby. Mothers just don’t fully recover in a few days; it takes several months through many stages. Rushing into re-shaping your body won’t do any good but further damage. So, listen to what your doctor says and act accordingly. Start light and slow, gradually increase your workout level and you’ll come into shape after losing baby weight. Follow these simple but most necessary guidelines below.

  • Progress in your own way at your own speed. Gentle exercises are very helpful to heal muscles.
  • Breathe deeply and relax throughout the exercises and in between. On the effort parts, exhale. Must not hold your breath.
  • For comfort and safety, use pillows for supporting the head and shoulders.
  • At the beginning, perform each exercise twice.

If any sign of increased bleeding or the repeating of bright red blood flow shows, stop the workout immediately and contact your doctor right away.

The following forms of exercises can be started whenever the mother feels ready. The mothers at first must receive approval from her physician and make a slow start and gradually speeding up the pace.


Whether you adopt vaginal or cesarean section delivery, ask for approval and start taking little strolls as soon as possible. Slowly increase your speed and the number of rounds.

Leg Bracing

  • With your ankles crossed straighten the legs. Now, tighten the thighs and let’s squeeze the buttocks together, hold and count to 5.
  • Same process, 3 to 5 times (repeat).


Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are done to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Kegels exercises should be started as soon as possible. At first, it would be tough to perform but try your best.

  • Gently tighten the pelvic floor muscles, after that relax.
  • It can be done sitting, standing or lying down.
  • At first the tightening period should be 2-3 seconds and slowly move up to 5 seconds and then 10 seconds. End with contraction for 20 seconds. At the beginning do 2-3 contractions every session and as you go try 5 contractions multiple times every day.


Pelvic tilt

For strengthening the abdominal muscles pelvic tilt is very effective, also will help relieve backache. Pelvic tilt should be done 2 times per day repeating 3 to 5 times.

  • Lie down and then bend your knees.
  • Tighten the stomach and your buttocks too so that you can tilt the pelvis.
  • Flatten your back on the floor and count to 2-3 seconds.
  • Relax and exhale.
  • Gradually increase the count to 10.

Caution: Must not arch the back. Stick out the abdomen or use your feet for pushing to complete the motion. Always contract pelvic floor before this exercise.