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Epidural Injection for Labor and Birth

Epidural injection as a pain relief during labor pain

Epidural Injection for Labor and Birth Giving delivery to a child is the most aching experience that a women countenance in her life, as labor pain is one of the most severe pain that are experienced by them. To reduce the intensity of labor pain loads of managing techniques are available, both medical as well as natural techniques, that are been taken during pregnancy or prior to the delivery time and epidural injection is one amid the medical modus operandi.

Epidural injection is a concoction of drugs that is injected into the epidural space of the spinal column that is meant to give a relief from the pain. The epidural injection contains anti-inflammatory medicines that help in reducing inflammation, anesthetic are meant for numbing, and it consists of steroids. Epidural injection not only relieves all the labor pain but also reduces inflammation that might be inside and around the roots of spinal nerve.

Epidural procedure of injecting epidural injection


The epidural procedure requires a technically adept operator to keep away from any kind of complications. So the procedure for epidural takes place by a qualified physician in hospitals or physician’s clinic. The physician first cleans the area of back with an antiseptic solution before injecting the epidural injection. The patient is required to lie down horizontally on the x-ray table with a pillow under his stomach to curve the back and if this posture is not contented for him and causes pain, then he can either sit up or turned and lie on side in a whorl posture. After that the physician anesthetized the targeted area of back with local anesthetic. And then with live x-ray which is called fluoroscopy, the epidural injection for pregnancy is injected into the skin in the direction of epidural space. And lastly the patient is allowed to have some rest for few minutes to around an hour. It usually takes around 15 minutes to half an hour to take effect. Physician will also make sure that the procedure won’t cause any kind of inauspicious reactions to the patient before she leaves. Moreover the patient’s heart beat rate, blood pressure and baby’s heart beat rate will also be scrutinized before letting her go.

Epidural side effects, risks and benefits

Thought epidural injection during labor to a certain extent is effectual for reducing the labor pain, however it carries quite a lot of risks and side effects. Such as if epidural injection is inserted too early then it can slow down labor and besides this being anesthetized, it makes it complicated for the female to force out the baby. It can also cause her blood pressure to slow down which in sequence can also slow the heart beat of baby. In addition to this there are some other epidural side effects, such as, infection to the spot of injection and it can also be a reason of internal bleeding if the injection is not infused in the right location or if a blood vessel will get damaged. Moreover it can also cause damage to the nerves, and even can lead to impermanent paralysis of the nerves. What is more is that the fluoroscopy contains harmful radiations that can harm the baby as well safety. And to avoid such epidural side effects measures must be taken to lessen the revelation of radiations to the baby. However it also has some benefits such as it can result in relieving labor pain and also helps in reducing inflammation if there is any around the region of spinal column. But there is a rare chance that the epidural injection may not help in reducing labor pain and in that case gynecologist may go for some other curative approach.

Epidural anesthesia as another measure to reduce labor pain

Epidural anesthesia is another measure that is given to the females during delivery in other to reduce labor pains. Epidural anesthesia procedure is one of the most well-liked methods for reducing labor pains and is most accepted by the women all over the world. Around 50 percent of women who gives birth prefer and uses the method of epidural anesthesia. It is local anesthesia that is injected by a physician or anesthesiologist. It acts as a building block against labor pain in a painstaking area of the body. However the accomplishment of epidural anesthesia mainly depends on the proficiency with which it is administered. In case of giving birth to a cesarean this method of pain relief permits the woman to stay awake and helps her to push out the baby as an active partaker in giving birth. But epidural anesthesia can also be a reason of lowering blood pressure, backache, headache, shivering, nausea, soreness in the injected area and it can also result in an everlasting nerve injure in the region where catheter is placed in, but this case is a rare one.