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Common Types of Childbirth Classes

Why take childbirth classes

Common Types of Childbirth Classes These days, there are only few expectant parents who are taking childbirth classes. This idea is fairly easy to understand. Pregnant women are working and they would come home tired and just want to take a rest. Moreover, most moms have already decided on having epidural as well. However, what moms do not really know is that, being informed about their pregnancy and birth process will definitely make your pregnancy as well as your childbirth a satisfying and a safer one. It will definitely make you a good consumer for the medical decisions. The cesarean section would rate for over 30% and it just keeps on rising. The neonatal and maternal statistics within the United states are somewhat shocking. The Pre-term birth rates in the United States have also increased 29% between 1981 and 2002.

Attending pregnancy classes


So, if you are expecting your first child, it would be easy for you to feel overwhelmed by fears and questions, yet you still don’t know what to expect. Most of the parents-to-be find that birthing classes would help in calming their worries and answer all of their questions. These pregnancy classes would cover all types of issues surrounding childbirth that includes management of pain, cesarean birth, vaginal birth, and even with breathing techniques. They could help in preparing you for many aspects of being a parent, most especially with the changes in which pregnancy brings, the labor and the delivery together with the way on how you take care of your newborn baby. Usually, the expectant parents would take in birthing classes during their third trimester of pregnancy. However, some of the birthing classes might actually start both sooner or later than that. You could always ask your doctor about the type of classes being offered within your community.

Different kinds of childbirth classes

  • Lamaze Technique – Lamaze classes are widely used in the United States. The approach of this method approach childbirth to be procedures. The Lamaze courses do not merely support or even deject the use of drugs or regular medical interventions throughout the labor and delivery. Instead, they inform the expectant mothers about their options, so they could make their own choice for their very own labor as well as delivery. Lamaze breathing is one of its parts and focus mainly on building up your confidence in discussing about ways of keeping up your baby’s birth in a very simple and safe way.
  • Bradley method – the Bradley method of childbirth is also known as the husband-coached method, which works on preparing the pregnant woman to deliver without any sort of medications and practices the father of the baby to be the birth coach of his own wife. Though this method simply prepares you in giving birth without medications, it will also prepare you for the probability of any unexpected situations, including emergency and cesarean section. You could all find it in the Bradley Method Book. Moreover, the Bradley birthing method covers different courses in 12-sessions:
    • The essence of exercise as well as nutrition;
    • Techniques of relaxation for managing pain;
    • Rehearsals of labor;
    • Ways on how to avoid cesarean birth;
    • Postpartum;
    • Breastfeeding
    • Guidance of the coach when it comes to supporting pregnant women.
  • Alexander technique – this birthing technique is intended for improving your freedom and ease to move, your flexibility, balance, as well as coordination. Basically, you would take up weekly training while you are pregnant. This is actually an educational procedure you will definitely want to consider. Thus, if you practice more, the benefits would be a lot better. This technique could be used anyone and the goals for those pregnant women involves the following:
    • There will be an improvement in your comfort during your pregnancy;
    • There will be an increase effectiveness in pushing during the delivery;
    • There will be assistance for you in terms of recovery from the childbirth;
    • You could find ease from the discomfort of nursing.

  • Hypnobirthing – so, what is hypnobirthing? Is it new to your ear? Well, most moms do not really know what hypnobirthing methods are and miss the chance of getting natural childbirth techniques that this method has. Well, it is a relaxed and natural childbirth lessons with an improved approach by self-hypnosis techniques. Teachers simply emphasize pregnancy as well as childbirth and the pre-birth parenting, together with awareness of the pre-born baby. It is being presented in the series of five 2 ½-hour classes or four 3-hour classes.

There are lots of natural childbirth classes you could consider. You only have to consider what suits you best and what your free time could afford. So, what are you waiting for, Lamaze birthing method, Bradley Method Exercises, Alexander Technique and Hynobirthing are your four best choices for natural birthing classes. Deliver your child in a safe and natural way.