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Weaning Your Baby from Breastfeeding

What weaning is?

Weaning Your Baby from Breastfeeding Weaning means doing things, to stop the baby from breastfeeding and introducing the baby, to solid foods. Weaning is a very important stage, in a child development and it is not a simple thing, to do like most people think. How to wean from breastfeeding can be compared to quitting smoking. It is not an easy thing to do, but it must be done. There are different ways that, you can wean the baby either to a bottle or a cup. But, health experts recommend mothers, to wean baby on a sippy cup. Not all babies are the same, they are those, who will not have interest, in breast feeding after nine months and there are others, who will still have interest.

Things mothers have to consider when weaning

Before you start to wean your baby, the first thing that, you need to do is to make the baby is drinking from a cup. You can still go on and breastfeed but give the baby, breast milk from a cup. You should try this several times especially, if you are giving the baby, solid foods or a snack.

If the baby is very stubborn and refusing, to take from the cup, it is good for you to ignore a few breastfeeding sessions, like once in a day or after lunch and provide the baby with milk through a cup. It might be difficult for first three days or four but the baby is going to get used to it. Once the baby get, used to drinking from the cup, skip another breastfeeding session. Breast feed the baby only once, when you are going to sleep.

How long does it take to wean?

It may take a few weeks to stop breastfeeding, if the baby is completely bored with it. It can also take one month or six months. How to wean from breastfeeding, is not the same for every child, it is different and depends on how quick; your child is going to adjust on this. It can take long, if you try it and your baby is not ready to stop breast feeding. It is not good for the mother to stop breast feeding, abruptly because this will upset the baby and it might not be comfortable with you. Stopping breasting abruptly, might leave you with engorged breasts. Therefore, it is good to stop breasting feeding gradually. If the baby is not showing any signs of not stopping breasting, you have to be patient. The reason why the baby likes your breast is because it nourishes him/her. You can also talk to health experts, about how to wean a baby from breastfeeding, so that you get a few tips.

Factors which might make your baby to refuse your breast

There are times, when your baby will go on a nursing strike and refuse completely to breastfeed. This does not mean that the baby is ready to wean. Your baby might refuse your breast because of various factors, like change in diet, teething, ear infection, change of soap and other health complications. If the baby refuses your breast, spend time cuddling your baby. If you do not know why your baby is refusing your breast, it is good to visit a health expert. If the baby is refusing your breast, it does not mean that the baby is rejecting you.

There are some mothers, who choose the time to wean their baby and others leave the decision to the baby. Health experts recommend that, baby led weaning which is the process, of letting your baby to decide, when is the best time to stop breast feeding, should not be done quickly. Weaning is a painful process emotionally, but it has to be done because the mother has to replace breastfeeding time with other important activities. There are so many ways that, you can comfort your child apart from breastfeeding.

How to wean from breastfeeding should not be done by staying away from your baby for one week. This is not the best way of ending breastfeeding relationship with your child, because it is going to make the mother breasts to be engorged. You have to be patient and understand that your child sees breastfeeding, not only as a good nutrition but comfort also. If you have been trying how to wean a baby from breastfeeding and it is not working, may be it is not the right time. Mothers, who want more advice on stopping breastfeeding and weaning from breastfeeding, should contact a doctor.