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Vaginal lubrication during intercourse

What is vaginal lubrication

Vaginal lubrication during intercourse Vaginal lubrication is a fluid of lubrication that is developed naturally in the vagina of a woman. It is present in vagina all the time but its production raises at the time of sexual intercourse in sexual arousal. If a woman is not able to produce the vaginal lubrication, then it would be very painful for her during sexual intercourse. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to use the artificial lubricant for augmenting the natural vaginal lubricants which is not sufficient in your body. The women’s vagina has no glands and so it is important to use some other methods of the lubrication. Plasma seepage from the walls of vaginal is called as a source of lubrication which is Bartholin’s glands. Present below and also to the right and left of the introitus. Vaginal dryness is a condition of female in which she cannot produce lubricants in sufficient amount.

How to increase vaginal lubrication


There are numerous ways that you can adopt for increase your vaginal lubrication. So, if you are looking for how to maintain vaginal health, then you must follow below useful tips:

  • Make your body healthy and active. Hydration plays an important role in keeping a woman hydrated and it is also helpful to increase the chances of producing wetness. Try to drink plenty of water every day. Also, you should do exercise every day. Make sure that what you eat is full of preconception nutrition. Eat proper fertility foods as fruits and vegetables and if you love fruits then it is better to eat pineapple as it helps you to increase the lubrication fluid. It is common fact about pineapple that it can sweetens the vagina flavor and develops more and more lubrication.
  • Avoid applying chemicals on the vagina area. Soaps with rich chemicals and harsh perfumed can stop the ability of producing lubricate. This is also important to take care when you wash your cloths. Do not use laundry detergents that are scented especially for washing your pants and underwear.
  • Use soy products as they can help you to develop lubrication naturally without any defect. There are so many soy products that you can easily purchase from your grocery store.
  • You should make sure that you are getting ability to arouse. You cannot make yourself proper wet without foreplay. It is good idea to watch movies or you can also practice by soft touching or kissing your boyfriend. Do not start your sexual relationship if you are not yet lubricated or aroused.
  • Let your partner to ejaculate in your vagina. By doing so, you will be able to keep yourself lubricated during your sexual intercourse. But do this only, if you have trustworthy relationship with your partner, for instance if he is your husband. If you are not planning to become pregnant then make sure to use the birth control of menstrual cup so that semen does not move to the cervix.


Causes of vaginal dryness

Many women have vaginal dryness problem and due to this reason, they cannot enjoy their se life. It is another major symptom of the menopause and it seemed that one out of every three women is facing it and this is more common occurs after the menopause. Dryness of vaginal can happen at any stage of life and there could be several different reasons dryness. It may cause a minor vaginal irritation but lacking of vaginal wetness can greatly impact your sexual relation. Don’t worry at all if you are not properly developing vaginal lubrication as there are unlimited treatments that can help you to relieve your dryness. The drop in the levels of estrogen decreases the quantity of wetness during menopause. It also reduces the thickness of vagina and makes it less elastic. This condition is known as vaginal atrophy.

The levels of estrogen can also reduce from:

  • Breastfeeding or childbirth;
  • Ovaries surgery (to remove ovaries);
  • Radiation.

There are many other causes of dryness of the vaginal which include: douching, lack of foreplay before sex, allergy, anitidepressants and sjogren syndrome.

How to choose the best vaginal lubricant

You can get vaginal lubricant in several products having different ingredients in then. You should read the labels on them and always purchase water based vaginal lubricant. Petroleum based vaginal lubricants can develop the bacteria inside vagina and hence they cause to infection. So before choosing any lubricant, make sure that it is water based lubricant. These are best vaginal lubricants that are really ineffective at any case.

Treatment of vaginal lubrication

Some treatments for vaginal dryness lubricants are as follows:

  • Estring
    It is a vaginal ring that doctors insert in patient’s vagina. It contracts estrogen with the vaginal tissues and show results within three month.
  • Vagifen
    This tablet is inserted in vagina with vaginal lubricant applicator and it needs to use only one for 2 weeks.
  • Premarin or Estrace
    Both are available in creams form and your doctor will suggest you how to use it.