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Ovulation and Trying to Conceive

Ovulation and Trying to Conceive Many women ask about the best time to get pregnant, but considering that women are different, and also the methods to determine when you can get pregnant are also different, it is sometimes hard to answer to this question. If establishing the fertility period is used as a contraception method, there is the chance for an unwanted pregnancy to appear. However, if on the contrary, you are wondering when can you get pregnant, than you must understand how do you know when you are ovulating in order to use those periods effectively.

Basic methods to determine when a woman ovulates

There are some basic methods to determine the best time to get pregnant, as establishing the fertility is sometimes hard. If you want to know when can you get pregnant, you must use all the methods available at your disposal.

Common methods to determine when you can get pregnant

  • The method of the calendar
    Many women try to answer to the question how do you know when you are ovulating with the method of calendar. Therefore, you can predict when does a woman ovulate using the common menstrual cycle of a woman. The fertile days begin with 5 days before the ovulation. This method is applicable in the case of regulated cycles when the period of ovulation is known. However, only a few women have regulated menstrual cycles, therefore the rest of them must use the best time to get pregnant. The best anticipation of when can you get pregnant is to calculate 9-17 days before the next menstrual cycle. On the other hand, using only the method of calendar to determine the best period to conceive is not safe.
  • The basal temperature and using it to determine when you can get pregnant
    Many women want to answer the question how do you know when you are ovulating using the basal temperature. The basal temperature represents the lowest temperature of the body. Because of the different ovulating changes, the basal temperature is modified. It is recommended to write down the temperature every morning and every day, during the morning, before getting out of bed, as this is the safest method to determine when a woman ovulates. If you want to understand those temperatures and to use them in your advantage, you must compare those temperatures with the charts put at your disposal by the different online sites.


How can you get pregnant after ovulation?

Many women are able to remain pregnant a few days after the ovulation. The explanation is simple: even if the ovule is dying, it might be found by spermatozoids for the last hours of its life. This is why it is important to know how many days do you ovulate, and to use it as a contraceptive method if you need it, or on the contrary, you can use it as a method to use the signs of ovulation in your advantage.

When do I ovulate: The method of cervical mucus?

One of the safest and most effective methods to determine when are you ovulating is to use the changes in cervical mucus. The consistency, the color and the quantity of mucus are clear signs about when does ovulation occur.

The cervical mucus suffers many changes during a menstrual cycle. By observing, appreciating and writing down the changes suffered by this substance, it is possible to determine when do women ovulate. It is not as safe as the ovulation test, but you can try this method first, and only if it is not effective for you, you can try to establish other methods to determine when you are ready to have sexual contacts in order to get pregnant.

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What is ovulation: The cervical mucus method?

Immediately after the menstruation, the cervical mucus is reduced in terms of quality and quantity, it has an opaque aspect and it is sticky. With a few days before ovulation and while this phenomenon lasts, the quantity of mucus grows, it becomes elastic, and it is slippery and clear. The best time to get pregnant is now.

The hormonal monitoring to determine when you can get pregnant

Maybe the most important method to determine when you can get pregnant is to use to ovulation kits. Those kits are available with any drugstore without a medical prescription, and they are really helpful in determining the best period to remain pregnant. Those tests are based on the LH hormone in urine. Even if this method is expensive, it is the best answer to the question how do you know when you are ovulating, as it is based on all the signs given by the body in this direction. This method is safer than any other, as it combines all the other predictive methods, and it is not based on charts or other empiric methods.