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Fertility after Depo Provera

Fertility After Depo Provera Many couples think that they aren’t ready to have children and for that purpose they use birth control methods to prevent child birth. What is the best and most effective type of birth control? There are many different types of birth control present; from pills, to injections to operations for more permanent birth control measures.

  • Combination Birth control pills such as Yasmin and Yaz which is said to be 99 percent effective. This pill has to be taken on a daily basis at the same time each day. It is very important to keep a check on the timings.
  • Progestin Pill such as Micronor and Ovrette are much safer than the birth control pill mentioned above as it can also be taken by women who smoke or are diabetic. Some useful quit smoking tips are presented in our thematic articles about harmful effects of smoking for both men and women. Quit smoking today!
  • The Extended cycle pill is another pill that can be taken by women not wanting to get pregnant. Such pills can increase your period’s cycles from ever three months to even a year! There hasn’t been any danger posed by ingestion of these pills, but there hasn’t been sufficient research to know that its safe too.
  • Vaginal ring is another way to help stop pregnancy is a ring made out of plastic that contains progestin and estrogen, like the combination pill does. However, you need to remove this vaginal ring at the time of your periods.
  • A Diaphragm is a dome shaped object which has to be inserted into the cervix and it helps in birth control by keeping the sperms out of the women’s body. One usually has to visit the doctor, in order to get this diaphragm inserted.
  • IUDs is basically a surgical device made out of copper that has to be implanted by the doctor through an operation. This device prevents the sperm from reaching the ovaries. This device works for over ten years.
  • A female condom, which is like a male condom but is much bigger in size and has to be inserted deep into the vagina. If you are planning to indulge in sexual intercourse on a regular basis then you should go for a male condom, instead of a female condom.
  • A male condom is a more effective means of stopping child birth and also helps to protect on from the many sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Birth control injections such as Depo Provera also known as a Depo shot which is an injection that has to be given by a doctor and is the most effective method of birth control.


How to receive your first Provera injection


The Provera is a birth control method for women only, and it doesn’t provide protection from sexually transmitted diseases. This injection consists of a hormone called progesterone which prevents the sperm from entering a woman’s body. The depo shot injection is usually given into a woman’s buttocks or arm. This particular injection provides prevention from pregnancy for up to 14 weeks; however, if you want to be careful you should get a shot once, every 12 weeks.

So how should you use the Provera birth control injection? The injection has to be administered by the doctor within the first five days of a woman’s period. Once the injection is injected the magic starts to work, and you need to visit the doctor after every 12 weeks. However, in order to prevent oneself from sexually transmitted diseases, one should always use a condom while having sex, just to be sure. However, before using any particular birth control method, one should always look at the depo shot side effects and the side effects of depo.

What are the Depo Shot side effects

There are many side effects of the depo shot, however, they aren’t common. Amongst the most common side effects of using the shot are:

Other side effects of Depo Provera might involve your periods stopping. This might happen after a regular year usage of this injection. Once the injection is stopped, periods will start on a regular basis again. These injections can also cause irregular spotting or bleeding from time to time. The risk of osteoporosis might increase with the increase intake of alcohol or tobacco. Moreover, if a woman uses Provera injections regularly for two years, then the risk of osteoporosis might double. All of these problems may vanish away when you stop the use of these injections.

Moreover, Depo Provera has many advantages over other pills as well, which include:

  • Long term birth protection;
  • More than 99% effectiveness;
  • Cost efficient;
  • Doesn’t create any problems during sexual intercourse.