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Abstinence Facts

Abstinence Facts Apart from your birth control drugs and medical devices that help you from getting pregnant, there are Fertility Based Methods present as well, which do not require any ingestion of drugs or devices into your vaginal area. Fertility Based Methods are concerned regarding keeping a strict check on your ovulation period, which is the period during which the chances are the greatest of getting pregnant during sexual intercourse. During the period of ovulation eggs are released by the ovaries which increase the level of fertility in the uterus. There are three types of Fertility Based Methods through which you can keep track of your ovulation and try to remain abstinent during that time period to refrain from getting pregnant. These three methods are:

  • The Calendar method in which you keep a check on your cycles.
  • The Temperature method in which you check your temperature every day you get up in the morning to know when you in heat.
  • The Cervical Mucus method in which you keep a check on your cervical mucus to know of changes during ovulation.

By opting for any of the following methods, you can know your ovulation period, and you can abstain from indulging into sexual intercourse.

What is the “Abstinence” by definition

What is abstinence definition? The word means to refrain from performing any act. When applied to sex, it means to not get involved in the activity of sexual intercourse. Many people say that they can indulge in other activities and not have sex. This can involve oral sex and other methods through which the vagina isn’t penetrated. Such activities are called “out course”. This method is perhaps the only non-invasive and non-drug method to refrain from getting pregnant. However, to be sure a hundred percent, one should remain abstinent for a longer period of time. The transfer of any sexually transmitted disease is also eliminated when a person abstains. Below we describe several commonly known abstinence facts.

So how does being abstinent work? It’s quite simple. Without the physical act, the chances of you getting pregnant are zero. There is no likelihood of you getting pregnant if you abstain. This method is perhaps the only method that provides people with a hundred percent guarantee. It you exhibit this behavior over a prolonged period of time, you can never get pregnant. Moreover, this is perhaps the safest method since it doesn’t involve any dangers or side effects, since no medical device or no medicine is being used.

The many benefits of abstinence

There benefits of abstinence are enormous. Firstly you get a 100 percent guarantee that you will not get pregnant. Secondly it doesn’t cost anything since this method is your choice and you have to enforce it yourself. Thirdly there are no side effects since no drugs are involved. Your body doesn’t go through any changes and there is no uncomfortable or painful feeling that most people experience when they insert birth control devices into their cervical area. People choose this particular birth control method for several reasons. Some of them might be as following:

  • The main reason is to prevent from getting pregnant;
  • To avoid the transmission of sexually transmitted disease;
  • On the search of the right person;
  • Due to religious and moral reasons;
  • In order to explore other places during sex play;
  • Being busy with studies or work or focusing on some other aspect of life;
  • Getting over someone;
  • Loss of a lover or a partner;
  • Being prohibited by the doctor as a course of a treatment.

There are many advantages so abstaining from any sexual activity especially in the case of teenagers. Most teenagers rush to explore this part of life and do so without any protection which might lead to unwanted pregnancies and transfer of sexually transmitted disease which might ruin their lives altogether. The best way perhaps is to abstain from having sex, for as long as they can.

Problems with abstaining

The only problem with this type of activity is that most people find it difficult to abstain over a long period of time. It becomes hard for them and they often lash out without any proper protection which can prove to be highly dangerous.

Letting your partner know

A very important step while making this decision, if you are in a long term relationship is to discuss this matter with your partner. You should know that before doing so you fully evaluate what you think of this decision. Think over it again and again and think about its effects on your life before you make any final decision. When discussing this with your partner give him or her reasons as to why you are opting for this. Set limits and discuss that there are other things that you can do and sex isn’t the one and only way to make love.