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Stopping Birth Control

Stopping Birth Control Birth control is a way of enjoying one’s sex life and also to have the right spacing between kids to raise them and plan for their future in a better manner. Birth control is also used by working women around the world to move ahead in their career without having to concentrate on pregnancy and childbirth. But the same birth control pill becomes an obstacle in the way of a pregnancy as it induces changes in the hormonal balance inside the body of a woman because of long tern use. Stopping birth control when one has decided in favor of conception is required to become pregnant.

Women of today are enjoying freedom to have sex without worrying about pregnancy

Birth control pill is the most common way to prevent pregnancy, and nearly half of the total population of women is on one or the other form of pills to prevent ovulation. Yes, this is how all birth control pills work as they do not allow ovulation by releasing hormones inside the bodies of the users of these pills. Depo Provera is an alternative to pills as it is a hormonal injection to be taken once every three months to prevent conception. A third of the women use IUD such as copper T that also releases hormones to prevent conception.

Birth control pills do not allow ovulation by keeping hormonal levels high

Most of the contraceptives being used today by women around the world contain both estrogen as well as progesterone. These hormones prevent ovulation by keeping hormone levels high and suppressing other hormones that could otherwise ripen an egg and release it for ovulation. This means that your contraception pill does not let an egg develop or get released during the entire cycle. Thus as long as a woman is taking contraceptive pills, her menstrual cycle does not come. This is a natural process that takes place every month because of ovulation but gets stopped because of released hormones by the contraceptive pills.

Makers of birth control pills and other hormonal devices say that one should take them for as long as one does not want to become pregnant and just needs to stop using these pills once she decides to conceive. But many women find that it is not that easy to conceive after stopping birth control pills. At least not as easy as birth control pills manufacturers say it is. This is partly because body needs time to come back to its natural cycle and partly on the fact whether you were having normal menstrual cycle prior to taking birth control pill.

It is safe to try to become pregnant soon after stopping birth control pills

If you want to get pregnant, stop taking the pill and wait for your body to come into normal mode. As everyone has a different immune system and bodily response to hormones, there may be women starting to ovulate in as little as 2 weeks time while others may take at least 2-3 months to come back in normal menstrual cycle mode. The birth control pill is not to be blamed if you had an irregular period prior to starting on the pill as you will face these issues even after stopping birth control pill.

Often, there are concerned couples posing queries to their doctor as they feel that the female partner is finding it hard to conceive despite going off the pill months ago. The answer to this query can be reassuring for most couples as gynecologists say that on an average, 85% of the couples take up to one year to conceive while many are lucky as they conceive within 3-4 months. It is safe to get pregnant no matter how long you have been using birth control pill, and there have been cases where women have conceived safely within 2-3 months though they had been using birth control pill for 10 years. Your ovulation could return as soon as your next menstrual cycle after stopping contraception. And as soon as your cycles return to normal, you should have no problem becoming pregnant again.

After stopping the pill, the hormonal levels drop to nil inside the body of a woman. This is sharp contrast to the earlier times when pills maintained constant levels of estrogen and progesterone hormones inside the body of the user. Every individual’s body is different and this why there are different responses shown by different women to stopping birth control pills. After birth control pill has been stopped, the body of a woman needs some time to come back to natural rhythm

Birth control today has become a matter of choice as ladies want to have sex without becoming pregnant. Yes, the birth control pills of today are very convenient and allow a woman to remain tension free but body does need time to start ovulating so as to become pregnant again.