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Listeriosis (Listeria): Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

What is listeria

Listeriosis (listeria): symptoms, diagnosis and treatment If you are pregnant then you should be aware that everything that you take throughout your pregnancy should be healthy for you and your future baby. During pregnancy you may be infected with various diseases. What is Listeria? It is a bacterial type infection that can be present in various contaminated foods. This infection may lead to several problems not for you but also for your baby. People become ill by taking Listeria and this illness is known as listeriosis. Listeria Bacteria is worst in pregnant women than non pregnant and healthy women.

What causes listeriosis

Listeriosis is a serious type of infection caused by the motile bacterium, known as Listeria monocytogenes. This infection produces many other problems such as fever, diarrhea and muscle aches. If you get infection severely, it can cause many other problems including convulsions, meningitis, headache and even death. Most people that are infected with listeroisis and have good health do not show any sign, but for old people, pregnant women, newly born babies and people having weak immune system, it shows severe results.

Common listeria symptoms

Common symptoms that are associated with listeriosis include nausea, fever, diarrhea and muscle aches. Mostly these symptoms remain for more than one week and then eventually disappeared. In some cases, it can effect to the brain of patient and organisms spread inside the brain. After brains infections, infectious people may face several other problems such as balance problem, reduction of mental activities, confusion in mind, depressed condition, change status of mental and seizures. There are few chances of brain abscesses that can cause symptoms as mention above. Period of incubation between its appearance and symptoms differ and it may increase the period more two months based on some investigators. Pregnant women with healthy body can find few symptoms of this bacterial virus. Well! Organisms of Listeria in pregnant women may cause stillbirth, death of newly born baby, miscarriage and premature birth.

Almost 30 percent of woman in United State having Listeria infections reported that they are pregnant. It means that this infection is very common in most women who are going to pregnant or you are childbearing females. People who have animals having the Listeria infection and they handle them might face with skin infections. With the passage of time, this skin infections turns to another severe problems and one of them is brain infection in which patients may loss some portion of their brain. In United State, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, death of such people is about 20 percent.

Listeria diagnosis

Diagnosis of listeria is normally based on the history and physical examination of patient. Mostly it depends on when after a patient show a history of the exposure to resources of food in time when a listeria outbreak. Without collecting previous information of patient, it becomes quite difficult for doctors to examine the listeria diagnosis from several other diseases. If physician do not have this history of patient they, they may occur a delay in treatment and physician may try some other tests to check for other diseases like shigellosis, E coli, salmonellosis and botulism infections. How to diagnose the listeriosis? It can be simply defined by finding the monocytogenesbacteria Listeria from the blood of patient, amniotic fluid and cerebrospinal fluid. Until now, there are no any reliable tests that can correctly detect the bacteria in stool. Moreover, there are also no any serological tests for proper treatment. These are the tests that can check the proteins in patient’s body that are related to bacteria.

Listeria treatment

Most people having listeria infections can stop their infection within only one week. Well! There are some patients with high risks especially when pregnant women become infected with listeria, usually need urgent antibiotic treatment in order to prevent or slower the process of development of other diseases that generate with this infection. In first stages, IVampicillin is the best option to use for listeria treatment while Bactrim may also be used and has no side effects. The treatment of each infected patient should be distinctive for getting the optimal results.

Listeria symptoms during pregnancy and for newborns

During pregnancy, infection show mild symptoms in mother and for baby, it may be more effective. It might possible that baby may die before birth or get several infections after birth. Signs and symptoms of listeria infection in woman include: fever, little interest to feed baby, vomiting and irritability. Many clinicians recommend that if a pregnant woman is infected by listeria then pediatric specialist can manage the entire plan of treatment. So for how long you can take these antibiotics? It totally depends upon the severity of listeria infection. If patient has little infection then even one week is enough but for some cases, it requires several months for treating properly.