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Hysterosalpingogram – Fertility Test for Tubal Patency

Hysterosalpingogram - Fertility Test for Tubal Patency

HSG: An X-ray of the inside of the uterus to reveal cause of infertility

When a woman does everything possible for her to become pregnant, and there is no ostensible reason why she should not become pregnant, the first test that her gynecologist suggests her to undergo is the Hysterosalpingogram. In medical terms, this is called a test for tubal patency but in simplest of terms, it is an X-ray of the inside of the uterus of a woman and tells about the condition of the fallopian tubes of the woman so as to ascertain if there is any problem with these tubes posing difficulty in conceiving. HSG test often makes the picture clear as to why a woman is having difficulty in conceiving. HSG procedure is termed as hysterosalpingography and the machine that produces imaging is called Hysterosalpingogram.

Hysterosalpingogram - Fertility Test for Tubal Patency
Hysterosalpingogram – Fertility Test for Tubal Patency

HSG procedure is simple and quick

HSG procedure requires a thin tube to be placed inside the vagina of the patient and it goes into the uterus. This tube contains a dye that flows into the fallopian tubes and when pictures are taken using an X-ray, this dye reveals the actual condition existing inside. The doctor knows if there is an injury to the uterus or the fallopian tubes and she also gets to know if there is any blockage in the fallopian tubes disallowing sperm from moving indie the tubes and joining the egg, thus fertilizing it and forming the basis of conception. Sometimes, this fertilization may take place but there may still be a problem for the fertilized egg as it finds it difficult to attach to the uterine walls. Thus a Hysterosalpingogram reveals the entire picture inside the uterus and also the condition of the fallopian tubes to let the doctor know where the problem lies in conception. Hysterosalpingography lets a gynecologist know about other medical conditions such as fibroids inside the uterus, polyps, adhesion, injuries, and so on. Every of the above mentioned diseases could be a reason of a secondary infertility so specialized treatment will be needed.

Medical conditions to be kept in mind before ordering HSG test

Before taking HSG test, a woman must tell her doctor if she has any bleeding problems or taking blood thinning medications. She must also tell the doctor if she is suffering from diabetes and taking any medication to control diabetes. Women with weak kidneys can suffer as HSG procedure involves dyes that can cause kidney damage. As the dye is made of iodine, do tell the doctor if you are allergic to iodine. Other medical conditions that are important and must be told to the doctor are PID and any STD like Chlamydia or gonorrhea. Read more about Chlamydia diagnosis in our web-articles. HSG test is not painful but a doctor must keep in mind the medical condition of the patient and her history before allowing HSG procedure to be carried out.

Causes of blocked fallopian tubes become apparent

Blocked fallopian tubes can be a major cause of infertility but there are many more problems that get revealed by this test for tubal patency. Thus, tubal ligation sometimes may lead to non reversible infertility. The fertility evaluation tool is increasingly being used by doctors around the world after ascertaining its safety for the patient as HSG test is simple and quick and lets a doctor know the real problem behind the difficulty experienced by the couple in conceiving. HSG test is over in just 30 minutes and the results are quickly obtained on a monitor that can be viewed and analyzed by the doctor at the same time when the pictures are being taken though a later review is always done. Fallopian tube blockage, if shown by HSG test, is sought to be removed through laparoscopy. If this is not possible, IVF is the only option for the patient to become pregnant and to give birth to a child. Causes of blocked fallopian tubes are instantly clear with the pictures beamed on the monitor during HSG test.


HSG is not a painful test and the patient is in her f

Hysterosalpingogram - Fertility Test for Tubal Patency
Hysterosalpingogram – Fertility Test for Tubal Patency

ull senses

There are many misconceptions about HSG and there are many women who still do not know about this test. What is HSG is what they ask their gynecologist as they are fearful about undergoing HSG procedure thinking about Hysterosalpingogram pain. The fact is that the test and the entire HSG procedure is an outpatient procedure and not considered an operation. It is quick and pain free and the patient is in her senses to see the entire procedure and the images obtained from hysterosalpingography.

HSG itself has treated infertility in many woman by removing the blockage of fallopian tubes

With passage of time, the procedure of this test for tubal patency has become very common and increasingly being employed by doctors around the world to ascertain the causes of infertility in women. Though the test is not therapeutic by any stretch of imagination, many a woman who had blocked fallopian tubes got pregnant after undergoing this test for tubal patency.



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