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Can you get pregnant without penetration

Introduction to the problem

Can you get pregnant without penetration People were always inventive when it comes to the intimate life. Even if you are at the age when you know how children are conceived, you will have to deal with other fertility myths concerning the intimate life. One of them would be the question if can you get pregnant without penetration.

Maybe it is not the time for a child to appear on your life. Whether you are still young, and you have just begun your sexual life, or you are looking to conceive and you want to know everything about this, you will have to solve the myth of pregnancy without penetration.

Can I remain pregnant if the penetration lasted only for a few seconds?

Every time when the penis entered in a direct contact with the vagina, there is a chance for the woman to remain pregnant. Of course, in the case the penetration lacks, there is a small possibility of pregnancy without intercourse, even if we are talking about some really small chances. You can read more about most popular sexual outercourse techniques to know how is it possible to become pregnant without penetration.

Thus, it is possible to remain pregnant without sex, as long as your partner “plays” with the penis around the vagina. Another popular question asked by many young girls is about possibility to remain pregnant by male sperm ejaculated with masturbation. Well, the answer is “Yes, it is possible”. The penis is a sensitive organ that responses to sexual stimulation of any kind, therefore a small drop of sperm might enter the vagina, even if the man doesn’t want. Of course, those are accidents, but in case the woman is ovulating and sperm finds a good environment, when the mucus is abundant, the drop of sperm might penetrate the urethra to find the ovule. On the other hand, there is a large number of women that can’t conceive in a natural way, therefore they would want to find ways to get pregnant without intercourse.

It is possible. The modern technology invented in-vitro fecundation. This procedure implies for the ovule of the woman to be fertilized by a spermatozoid using special techniques, and then the ovule is “planted” inside the woman. The procedure is interesting because the egg can be placed inside another woman than the one that produced the egg. In this case, the respective woman is called a “carrier” mother.

Pregnancy myths: Oral sex

While the pregnancy myths about how can you get pregnant without sex might be true in the case of games between the partners, the myth saying that you can remain pregnant as a result of oral or anal sex are lies. It is not possible, especially in the case of oral sex, while in the case of anal sex, there are some chances for the sperm to penetrate the vagina.

Getting pregnant without intercourse: The pleasure drop

Sometimes, the penis releases small quantities of seminal liquid before ejaculation. The effect is given by the state of excitation of the man, and even if this drop usually contains only seminal liquid without spermatozoids, there are some chances of conceiving. However, this is the only method of conceiving with sex without penetration, and there are no other methods to do so.

Can you get pregnant without orgasm?

The orgasm is a psychical state of mind, and even if it is possible to remain pregnant without penetration, it is also possible to remain pregnant even if you don’t have orgasm. In fact, the orgasm is only a state of mind, therefore it has nothing to do with the physical reactions producing pregnancy.

Can you get pregnant without penetration: Clothes and other intimate objects?

It is possible for the sperm to remain fixed in clothes and intimate objects, and the spermatozoids to live for a few hours. In this case, for example, when your partner ejaculated on your panties and you wear them after, there are some chances for you to remain pregnant, but we are talking about insignificant chances. Until now, pregnancy without penetration was not proven as being possible, but the empiric observations and the experiences of some women confirmed this possibility.

Can you get pregnant from sex in water?

Water does not affect the capacity of the sperm to penetrate the fertile egg. Therefore, there are chances for you to remain pregnant from sex in water. However, pregnancy without intercourse in water is unlikely, even if the partner ejaculates outside the vagina, as the sperm will not be fertile even if it reaches the vagina. Some stories talk about remaining pregnant without sex, but those statements are not proven. It is believed that sperm can survive in warm water for a few minutes, but this is also just another one of the pregnancy myths.

Frequent ejaculation reduces the number of spermatozoids. Is it possible to remain pregnant at the third or fourth sexual contact in the same night?

It is true that the number of healthy spermatozoids is reduced with successive ejaculations, but there will be enough spermatozoids left to penetrate the ovule. Therefore, even the chances are about the same, as 300 or 150 million spermatozoids are enough to produce this phenomenon.