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Can You Get Pregnant from Anal Sex

Introduction to the problem

Can you get pregnant from anal sex For many people, anal sex is a taboo subject that must not be discussed, a subject that was heavily criticized because of the HIV virus. However, it is highly appreciated by some people, while others hate it. Some people like it just because it is mysterious and unknown. In any case, before trying this method of satisfying your sexual pleasure, you must answer the question can you get pregnant from anal sex.

One of the pregnancy myths is that you can remain pregnant from anal sex. Well, it is possible, but it is not because the spermatozoids can reach the vagina from the anus somehow. The proximity of the anal area with the vagina might favor some spermatozoids to reach the fertile area. If you know how to have anal sex, and you wash the anus immediately after having sex, you will probably reduce those chances to minimum.

Analsex as a contraceptive method

People used this method to avoid unwanted pregnancy since the antiquity. In Ancient Rome, homosexuality was as normal as straight relationships, therefore anal sex was accepted between men and men, but also between men and women. The wealthy citizens of Rome preferred this method with their women slaves, to avoid unwanted pregnancies. In fact, it was accepted for the citizens to have sex with their slaves in front of their wives, but as many of those women were concerned about the possibility of an unwanted child in their houses, those wives usually obliged their husbands to have anal sex with slaves. Even if during those periods, women having anal sex were a common thing, later, in the Medieval Era, this method was not only forbidden, but also punished. It was considered that anal sex and pregnancy were connected, and the Church claimed that it was possible to remain pregnant with this technique just to scare the people that wanted to practice it. Even during our modern times, people don’t know the answer to the question can anal sex get you pregnant, therefore they usually avoid this uncommon practice.

Can you get pregnant from anal sex, as long as it hurts you

Some women try the anal sex to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. Another type of pregnancy myths is that you can’t remain pregnant with this technique, and it is true. However, some women believe that it is not possible to conceive just because anal sex hurts them. Well, there is no connection between pain and conception. You will have to know how to have anal sex to avoid pains and suffering, as analsex is in fact a pleasant technique if you know how to do it.

Anal sex must not hurt. If this happens, it means you are not doing it right. With lubricants and patience, you might like it and it might even become one of your weapons. One thing is for sure: men like anal sex, and a woman that accepts it is the dream of each one of them. However, you must respect some limits. Even if pregnant anal sex is not possible, it could result in some dangerous diseases and problems.

Can anal sex get you pregnant if you like it

Anal sex brings pleasure from many sources. By doing something naughty, you will surely obtain pleasure, and when your sexual life had become boring, it is a good idea to “spice” it a little with this technique. The rectal area has nervous terminals that command the brain to produce some pleasure that is not possible with vaginal sex. For the man, the anus offers a different kind of pleasure than the vagina because of the muscles there that are able to contract in unique ways.

Can you get pregnant having anal sex: Contraceptive Measurements

As said before, the answer to the question can you get pregnant from anal sex is usually negative. However, scared by some pregnancy myths, a part of the women practicing it might want to know how to have anal sex in perfect conditions of safety. In this case, you can use lubricants, but make sure they are made for this kind of technique, as some lubricants based on oils might be harmful for the anus. Check if the respective lubricants are compatible with the condoms. The condoms are usually covered in special oils, and sometimes, a chemical reaction between a lubricant and the oils from the condom might produce irritations in the anal area.

Do you need a condom for analsex

Even if you trust your partner and his health, it is a good idea to use the condom, as the anus might have bacteria that could hurt him. However, a good hygiene in the respective area, such as washing the anus before and after intercourse might reduce the risk of catching some diseases.