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Pregnancy Questions & Answers
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Twins & Multiples

General Considerations About Parasitic Twins
For the entire number of population, the vanishing twin syndrome is not actually a severe concern. It usually occurs to women who have twin pregnancy but the problem takes place before the time when the mother had knowledge of carrying two or more fetuses. The marginal percentage of this condition is very low which simply explain that the diagnosis and confirmation of vanishing twin syndrome is not common. For your information, this condition is also termed as parasitic twin. A pregnant woman who is not known to carry two or more babies is less likely to hear about this condition. Other specialist may term this as the disappearing twin syndrome.

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What Is the Cause of Vanishing Twin Syndrome
The vanishing twin syndrome was first identifies in the 1940s. However, it was not sensationalized until the early 1980s. This is where the ultrasound tests are being introduced to the community wherein it is used to identify twin embolization syndrome. This phenomenon increased in significant umber over the previous years. Overall, there are about 20 – 30% of every twin pregnancy had vanishing twin problem. The cause of this condition does not have definite reason but according to most specialists, it is derived by the ability of the fertilized ovum to proceed with the mitotic division wherein the cell divides and form into another entity.

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General Signs and Symptoms of Twin Pregnancy
Twin Pregnancy is a term used for pregnant mothers who are carrying two fetuses inside the womb. It is caused by two egg cells which are fertilized by the spermatozoa. The cause of this condition is unknown because there are no ultimate causative agents found from the previous years. However, there are several factors that can predispose a pregnant woman to manifests the signs of twin pregnancy. Hereditary and ingestions of fertility drugs are the most common reasons why this condition occurs to women.

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Common Tips for Choosing Twin Names
Multiple pregnancies or multiple gestations refer to pregnancy involving more than one fetus. It is considered a complication of pregnancy because the woman’s body must adjust to the effects of carrying fetuses. However, despite of the debilitating agony and discomfort felt by the pregnant mother the most exciting part with this is by looking at the brighter side. It has something to do with finding names for your future twins. As we all know, names will serve as the personal identity of an individual wherein he or she will carry this as long as they live.

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Are You Pregnant with Twins
Women who are healthy, fit and young are still considered as high risk for pregnancy. A multiple or twin pregnancy will enhance the probability of the women to have premature delivery. This condition usually takes place before the full term, specifically before (37 weeks of gestation). The pregnant women is predispose to other maternal complications if she is carrying more than one fetus.

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10 Signs That You're Pregnant with Twins or Multiples
Are you expecting twins? Pregnant women with unusual belly size often suspect that they are having twin pregnancy. Multiple pregnancies are a form of gestation wherein the mother carries two or more fetus inside the uterus. It usually occurs when there is more than one fertilized egg that starts to develop on separate entity. However, there are cases wherein two egg cells undergo a certain mitotic (cell division) process but do not separate from each other.

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What You Should Know About Twin Pregnancy
The twin pregnancy is also termed as multiple gestations. It refers to the pregnancy involving more than one fetus. For most specialists, this condition is considered as a form of maternal complication because the patient’s body must adjust to the effects of the multiple fetuses. The increased use of fertility drugs has led to the dramatic doubling of the incidence of multiple gestations.

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