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Pregnancy Questions & Answers
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Third Trimester

40 Weeks Pregnant – The End of The Line is Here
40 weeks pregnant? You have successfully survived nine months of pregnancy and should be preparing yourself for the next step. Being pregnant isn’t easy as numerous bodily changes occur and you experience a lot of discomfort. Being pregnant also takes up all your energy and you cannot even indulge in rigorous activities and get attached to your bed more than anything else.

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39 Weeks Pregnant – Time to Prepare Yourself for Post Delivery Happenings
If you 39 weeks pregnant then you should definitely read this article, as it will provide mothers to be going through this week with whatever information they require. This is the point when your baby is ready to come into the world so you should start preparing for the big day in advance. You should also keep a check on pregnancy symptoms week by week so as to know what to do when your water breaks and you go into labor.

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38 Weeks Pregnant – The Waiting Game Starts
If you are 38 weeks pregnant then you have entered the final most stages in your pregnancy. As you can go into labor at any point, it is of immense importance that you prepare yourself according. A pregnancy by week guide can help you determine what necessities you need to undertake during the thirty eighth week of pregnancy. Since this is the time when everyone needs to be on their toes in order to avoid any mishap proper information regarding this week is necessary.

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37 weeks pregnant – The Most Common Signs and Symptoms Experienced
If you are 37 weeks pregnant you are in for the last episode of this tough time. After the thirty seventh week of pregnancy, the mother to be can go into labor at anytime, so it is best to keep yourself prepared. However, you should know that since every pregnancy is individual some women go into labor even in the thirty sixth weeks while others do not go into labor as late as forty two weeks.

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36 Weeks Pregnant – Time to Learn Whatever You Can About Labor
If you are 36 weeks pregnant, then this article will provide you with a pregnancy by week guide. It is highly important that one knows about all the changes that will occur when you are pregnant. Most mothers to be are so ignorant that they do not even know what to expect and whether what their body is undergoing is normal or not. Because of this they rush to the hospital each time something alarming happens or the slightest amount of pain is experienced which leads to a lot of discomfort being experienced by everyone.

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35 Weeks Pregnant – How to Start Preparing For the Big Day
If you are 35 weeks pregnant, this is the time when mothers to be start getting anxious regarding their delivery, especially if they are first time moms to be. This is very normal, as the experience is new for them and one fears of what it unknown to them. The best way to solve such a problem is to visit your doctor and discuss in detail regarding every query you have when it comes to child birth.

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34 weeks Pregnant – How to Survive in this Difficult Week
This particular article will provide you with all the information you need requiring the thirty fourth week of pregnancy. If you are 34 weeks pregnant you should know by this time that most doctors will start preparing their patients for labor.

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33 Weeks Pregnant - Your Pregnancy Guide during the Thirty Third Week of Pregnancy
By this time your baby will weigh from 4 to 5 pounds and will be seventeen to nineteen inches in length. The accumulated layer of fat under your baby’s skin will show changes as its color will change from being deep reddish transparent to a more opaque pinkish layer. Furthermore, this is the week in which your baby’s lungs are fully developed so your baby will start preparing itself for the external environment.

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32 Weeks Pregnant - Learn More about the Thirty Second Week of Pregnancy
So what happens to your body when you are 32 week pregnant? Since the delivery date is coming closer as each day passes, your body will start to rehearse and practice for the final day. You will feel contractions, hardening of muscles and muscular flexing. This is somewhat a trailer for what will happen on the day of delivery.

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31 Weeks Pregnant - Possible Symptoms You May Feel
If you tend to be counting your week by week pregnancy and you happen to be in week 31, then your baby is like three-more pounds and measures 18 inches in length, nearly approaching the birth length. However, the baby should still pack on more pounds prior to his or her birth day. The brain of your baby would then start getting connections and they simply got lots of them.

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30 Weeks Pregnant - You, Your Baby and The Symptoms
Your pregnancy by week 30 will make your belly increase in size, giving you the sign that your little genius is growing each day. It weighs like three pounds already and packing up on the heaviness in a pace of half pounds weekly for the subsequently seven weeks. Moreover, for a 30 week pregnant, the baby’s brain continuously growing and initially seem like the actual thing together with the wrinkles and groves.

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29 Weeks Pregnant - Symptoms and Ways To Lessen Down Discomfort
The baby development week by week 29 is that, he or she already weighs little over like 1kg and simply measures like 39cm starting from head down his or her toes. Upon his head, the hair would also start growing well.

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28 Weeks Pregnant - Preparations To Do For Both Mums and Dads-To-Be
So, you are now a 28 week pregnant, or may simply assume that it is already your 29 week of pregnancy. Well, this would be on how you would choose to count your week by week pregnancy. By this time of your pregnancy, you would want to know the baby development week by week. Well, your baby could now open his or her eyes and would turn his or her head towards a source where he or she could reflect bright light.

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27 Weeks Pregnant - Contractions, Labor and Fears
For a 27 week pregnant, your baby would then weigh about 2 pounds. It would be like the head of the cauliflower and just about 14 and a half inches long with the legs extended. The baby would then be sleeping and waking into regular intervals, closing and opening the eyes and so sucking his or her fingers. For week by week pregnancy, the 27 week of pregnancy would have the brain tissues continuously developing, yet being active by this time.

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