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Gender Prediction

Tips on Baby Gender Prediction

  31 May 2012

Introduction to Unborn Baby Prediction of Gender

Tips on Baby Gender Prediction Even before time, there had been many practices in determining the gender of the baby. There are people who are known to have the capabilities for baby gender prediction based on the extent of the knowledge and expertise. Before we have astrologers and faith healers as people who are known to have the ability in identifying the gender of the babies, however most of it is just based on the facts that are not scientifically proven. Until further studies have been focusing on this issue, there are lots of investigations that have contributed to the accurate method to find sex of the baby. Now, we have doctors and ultrasound technician who are qualified to help people who would like to conduct a gender test for their unborn babies.

This article is focused to the common tips that are being used from the previous practices up to the present.

Common Tips and Practices of Before Modern Times

  • Chinese baby gender test
    This method is being practiced for more than couple of centuries ago. It requires the people to have exact information pertaining to the month of conception and the correct age where the conception started. Right after that, they are going to check the chart in order for them to identify the gender of their unborn baby.
  • The Wedding Ring Method
    This technique had been used in the western part of the world wherein the pregnant mother is tasked to use the wedding ring and allow it to move in her pregnant belly. Once the ring moves in circular motion, it is an indication for a baby girl and if the ring moves like a pendulum it is an indicative gender signs that the baby is a boy.
  • Old Wives Tale
    There are prescribed belief wherein a series of questions are being asked to pregnant women depending on the way they carry their pregnancy. Most of these questions are pertaining to the action of the pregnant women during the entire course of pregnancy. There are corresponding interpretations for every question answerable by the mother. Through this, they can identify the gender of the baby.
  • The Key Test
    This technique uses the key as a tool for baby gender test. The pregnant woman is tasked to hold the key. If she grabbed the top part, she is bearing a baby girl. If she took the bottom part of the key, this is an indication of a male baby. But if she grasped the middle part of the key, she may have a twin pregnancy.
  • The Gender Calculator
    This type of method is related to the Chinese calendar method in identifying the gender of the baby. The baby gender calculator denotes the time of exact calculation of the mother’s conception. It will be then correlated to the chart that is also used in the calendar method.

Practices of the Modern Times

  • Ultrasonography
    The most common, most effective and safest way as baby gender predictor. It used radioactive frequency that can provide a clear view of the baby. However, there are factors that can influence the result of the examination. It is done by an ultrasound technician and with the help of the mother as well as with the cooperation of the unborn baby; the findings will be easier for them to identify the gender of the baby. Lately, there is more advance equipment such as 5D ultrasound that provides a better image of the unborn baby.
  • Amniocentesis
    This procedure is done by checking the amniotic fluid that surrounds the unborn baby. Actually this is used to identify some congenital defect that is currently affecting the health status of the unborn baby. However, there are chances wherein the gender of the baby can be identified. Moreover, this can also put the health state of both baby and the mother will be at risk.
  • Chorionic Villi Sampling (CVS)
    This is another examination used to identify for genetically related problems. In this case, a minimal sample of the sac where the baby grows is taken from the pregnant mother. This sample can also be used in a secondary way to define the gender of the baby. However, the risk for having complication is present.

Our Final Say

It is admissible that these tips can help people to determine the gender of their baby but when it comes to reliability, there are still factors that can affect all of these. Even the examination done to identify the baby's gender is clinically proven. For the traditional method, there are times that the situation might coincide with the belief but nevertheless it can’t justify the reliability of the method. It is up to the parents on how they are going to accept the truth right after they have found out the gender of their babies.
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Site Visitor R.Kirkland kirklandrhine@yandex.com

2012-08-29 22:30:41
Ancient methods to determine the gender of a baby is interesting and peculiar at the same time. However, it does not guarantee that the results are precise yet we can try it as long as it is safe.
Site Visitor Danil DaniGrabenq1059@hotmail.com

2012-08-14 01:45:43
Thanks for these tips on baby gender prediction. I think every parent want to know about the gender of their coming baby. These tips will help a lot.

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