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Pregnancy Questions & Answers
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First Trimester

13 Weeks Pregnant: The Baby Has Unique Fingerprints Now
Thirteenth week of pregnancy is a special one as it signifies the end of a special milestone in the long journey to motherhood. You have almost finished the first trimester and next week you will enter into the 2nd trimester of pregnancy.

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12 Weeks Pregnant: Glowing Skin, naturally
Congratulations to you if you have entered twelfth week of pregnancy. This week of pregnancy signifies the end of the first trimester of pregnancy formally and you enter into a phase which is the phase of rapid growth of the baby.

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11 Weeks Pregnant: Cross the Bridge of Risk
Week by week pregnancy calendar is available on many websites on the internet that provides all the knowledge a pregnant lady needs to prepare herself week for her pregnancy. This article contains useful information on all changes taking place inside the body of an expecting mother in addition to the development of the baby during eleventh week of pregnancy.

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10 Weeks Pregnant: Reaching an Important Milestone
When a pregnant lady reaches her tenth week of pregnancy, she is technically still in her first trimester of pregnancy that extends till 13th week. However, considering there are in total 40 weeks, 10th week implies she has passed one fourth of her long and exciting journey towards motherhood.

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9 Weeks Pregnant: Changes, Developments, and Expectations
So you are now into ninth week of pregnancy. Every new week of pregnancy is so very exciting and thrilling that it becomes overwhelming at times to keep pace with all the changes taking place inside the body and the new form of life taking shape. Week by week pregnancy symptoms are meant to keep pregnant women like you aware of all that is happening and also in terms of what to expect.

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8 Weeks Pregnant: Feel the Baby Developing
When you are into your eighth week of pregnancy implying you have completed 7 weeks of the term, there are many changes inside your body with the development of the baby that you should be aware of. This is possible today by tracking week by week pregnancy symptoms.

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7 Weeks Pregnant: From Embryo to Human Form
If you are a proud mom to be in your Seventh week of your pregnancy, this article is for you. Not only will you get to know all about the bodily changes you might experience in this week of the first trimester, you will also be aware of the developmental process of the baby inside you.

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6 Weeks Pregnant - Changes that Happen as You Enter the Sixth Week of Pregnancy
You should know that a six week pregnant woman has the most severe symptoms during the entire pregnancy, so in this particular week you will be in for a tough time, and you should be prepared in advance to deal with the symptoms and signs that will occur. This article will provide you with complete information regarding the sixth week of pregnancy.

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Life Changes During First Trimester of Pregnancy
We all know that when a growing fetus develops inside the womb of a woman, there are many aspects of the mother’s life are eventually changed. One if this is the physical aspect. Below is the list of altered organs and other body changes that are due to the growing fetus during the first trimester.

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5 Weeks Pregnant – Confirm Your Pregnancy
The fifth week of pregnancy brings in some good news while others aren’t as pleasant as you expect. So what happens in this particular week? By this time you know for sure that you are five weeks pregnant since you have missed your period already and should by now have taken a home pregnancy test.

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4 Weeks Pregnant -The Main Happenings in Your Body
This article will provide women with all the information they require regarding the fourth week of pregnancy. So what happens in the when you are four weeks pregnant? First the changes happening in your abdomen will be discussed after which certain symptoms and signs will be discussed that you can expect to happen in this particular week.

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3 Weeks Pregnant - Fetus Growth and Development in the Third Week of Pregnancy
Knowing about the different weeks of pregnancy and what is ongoing is very essential for the mother to be, so that she can expect what to happen and not be alarmed if her body is reacting in a way that never happened before. Week by week pregnancy is a good way to keep yourself informed you so do not feel the need to rush to the hospital for every little thing.

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2 Weeks Pregnant - What Your Body Will Experience in This Week
There is a list of pregnancy symptoms week by week that might help you be aware of what bodily changes you might be going through, in this wonderful time. This article will provide you with information regarding the second week of pregnancy.

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Rh Factor Blood Test to Prevent Isoimmunization
Isoimmunization is also called as rh incompatibility, refers to a condition in which the pregnant woman is rh negative but her fetus is rh positive. This condition, if left untreated can lead to hemolytic disease in the neonate. Isoimmunization develops in about 7% of all pregnancies in the United States. Before the development of RhoGAM, this condition was a major cause of kernicterus (nerve cell deterioration) and neonatal death.

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Fetal Development in the First Trimester
The first 3 months of fetal development is mainly focused with the organ development. This could simply mean that any unhealthy activities such as smoking and drinking alcohols even medicines are strictly prohibited. The main reason for this is to prevent the risk of having congenital problems.

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Hyperemesis - what to do with morning sickness?
Unlike the transient nausea and vomiting that is normally experienced until about the 12th week of pregnancy, severe nausea is extreme and unremitting feeling nauseated and vomiting that persists after the 1st trimester. It usually occurs with the first pregnancy and commonly affects pregnant woman with conditions that produce high level of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG), such as gestational trophoblastic disease or multiple pregnancy.

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Signs and Symptoms of Ectopic Pregnancy
Doctors define ectopic pregnancy as an abnormal form of pregnancy that can put the life of the mother at higher risk for maternal deaths. Based on the current ectopic pregnancy statistics, the condition occurs in 1 of every 200 white women and about 1 for every 120 nonwhite women.

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First Trimester Screening
Pregnancy period extends from conception to the onset of labor. During the first trimester, care of the mother (client) and the fetus focuses on health maintenance and the prevention of complications. Nursing care during the normal antepartum period includes taking a thorough maternal history, performing a complete physical examination, and educating the client about antepartum health.

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1 week pregnant - Catch on the Earliest Signs of Conception
Pregnancy is a wonderful time in life and every woman longs to go through the experience. However, one should know regarding the precautions, the bodily changes, expectations and course of action that should be taken upon the onset of pregnancy.

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