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Pregnancy Questions & Answers
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Countdown to Baby

Tips on How to Survive the Last Week of Pregnancy

  09 Aug 2012

The dilemma of pregnancy through the last month

How to survive the last week of pregnancy The last week of pregnancy is a time wherein the 40 weeks pregnant may feel ambivalent, anxious, restlessness and associated with bodily discomforts. After enduring all the symptoms within the months of pregnancy most of the pregnant women are doing their best to reach the ideal full term for their pregnancy. This way, they will be able to deliver a healthy baby through safe and effective labor and delivery. Below are the essential and helpful recommendations for you to make the most out of the remaining last weeks of pregnancy.

Pay attention to your own wellness.

For the meantime, we know that your focus is about the baby. Give yourself enough time to prepare for the upcoming childbirth. It is one way on how to survive from the occurring dilemma of pregnancy. You can go out with your family or husband and indulge some helpful activities like massage, shopping and other desirable yet helpful recreational activities. If you don’t like outdoor activities, you can also try reading books, watch movies at home or simple look at your plants. Look for something that can entertain you. This way, it helps you divert your attention towards discomforts from the last month of pregnancy. Always remember that, this not just for your baby alone. You need to take care of yourself as well.

Communicate with your friends.

A 39 weeks pregnant mother should start communicating with friends. As for you, feel free to contact them through mail, chats, and other means to socialize with them. This way, you can ask some advices or recommendations from them about taking care of the baby, method used for breastfeeding and other experiences that they have encountered during their pregnancy month. By doing this, you will get important information from them and at the same time it will minimize your worries and fears.

Always have the compliment to reserve instant foods.

At this point of time, another way on how to survive the 9 month pregnancy period is for you to have sufficient foods which are easily to prepare. You don’t have enough time to cook once the baby arrives. Buy foods which can be reheated by microwave. You can’t actually presume the exact date of delivery, and therefore, you need to plan it ahead of time. This is far better compare to eating foods from the fast food chains. At the last month of pregnancy, it is best for you to talk with your folks and allow them to help you prepare the needed items and foods.

Be sure to have a complete baby items for the arrival of your baby.

A 40 weeks pregnant mother should always make a list of items needed for the arrival of the baby. It may sound very usual for them but this should not be left out. It will not cause you even a single cent by just checking the list for many times. Always remember to have sufficient supplies that could last for the entire week without leaving home. Even in the hospital, you should prepare enough food during the last week of pregnancy up to the time when you are about to go home from the hospital.

Rest a lot.

A 39 weeks pregnant mother should have sufficient rest before the upcoming delivery. The partner's body changes during the first few pregnancy months. This is the right time to take care of you and be ready for the upcoming labor. Having a baby can change your lifestyle. Your schedule will be affected drastically once you become a full-time mother. This is why you need to spend every single moment of your life while the baby is not yet born. Stay in bed for an extended period of time. This is the best option on how to survive pregnancy period. You can also buy a pregnancy survival kit to help you with the pregnancy & childbirth. The last week of pregnancy is the most crucial part and it needs sufficient observation about the changes of the baby’s position especially the baby's head. This is a short-term process all through the last month of pregnancy that needs so much attention. You also need to stay healthy by eating sufficient and nutritional foods. A 40 weeks pregnant woman should be physically and emotionally stable until the delivery of the baby. This is to prevent complications that may affect the well-being of the baby.

Stay Calm.

When the time comes that you are about to give birth, just stay calm. You need to have sufficient support system from your family. This way, you can also plan the remaining last month of pregnancy by gathering important things from your folks and delegating some of your important tasks to others at the last week of pregnancy. A 39 weeks pregnant woman should be relax and focused with the final wave of pregnancy.
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