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Pregnancy Questions & Answers
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Postpartum Period

How to Reduce Postpartum Preeclampsia
Postpartum preeclampsia is a disease that a lot of new mothers experience after giving birth to their children. Of the most common physical disorders faced by women after childbirth, postpartum preeclampsia is a very serious issue. The disease develops in the 48 hour time frame starting after child birth. Sometimes the process starts even after 6 months from when the child is born. This scenario is called late postpartum preeclampsia. It is the preeclampsia that mothers face after child birth.

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How to Prevent Hair Loss After Pregnancy
As the hormones kick in, a pregnant woman goes through a lot of changes, both mental and physical over the long period of pregnancy and even after when she’s become a Mother. Of these many post pregnancy physical changes, increased hair loss after pregnancy also known as postpartum hair loss is one of them. Almost every new mother faces sudden excessive hair loss after pregnancy. This is perfectly normal, a natural process. In almost 85%-95% cases the mothers find their hair falling out dramatically between 3 to 6 moths after their child birth.

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Postpartum Thyroiditis (PPT) Symptoms and Treatment
The term thyroiditis means the inflammation that occurs in the thyroid gland. That means the thyroiditis that happens after pregnancy is called postpartum thyroiditis. 5% of women worldwide get affected with postpartum thyroiditis within 12 months after child birth. Usually, postpartum thyroiditis goes thorough two stages- hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. Thyroid problems after pregnancy follow a most common course. At first, mild post partum hypothyroidism occurs within 2 to 6 months after the child birth.

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How to Choose the Best Postpartum Girdle
Over the years postpartum girdle products have gained enormous popularity among the new mothers, not only for style and as a body shapewear but also as an effective tool for abdominal support and as a pain reliever. These belly wrap products are marketing with a twofold purpose, best shapewear and providing mothers with much needed physical support and reducing pain. But these postpartum girdle products aren’t any universal remotes. These are merely tools mothers can use sometimes after accomplishing their regular diets and exercises.

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Postpartum Hemorrhage Symptoms and Treatment
Hemorrhage after child birth, also known as postpartum hemorrhage indicates the blood loss measuring more than 500 ml after vaginal delivery and up to 1000 ml blood flow for cesarean section process. Previously mentioned blood loss occurring within the first 24 hour period after child birth is termed as Early postpartum hemorrhage. And the same type of blood loss after the 24 hour time frame is called late postpartum hemorrhage. Late postpartum hemorrhage can happen after days or weeks of the child birth.

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Common Symptoms of Postpartum Psychosis
Postpartum psychosis is a disease very rare but incredibly dangerous not only to the new mother but also to people around her. It’s a temporary and sensitive mental disorder that allows new mothers to loose sense about the real world followed by delusional thinking with other strange behaviors. Postpartum psychosis is a set of mental disorders with a strike rate of 2 among every 1000 cases. The disease’s onset is quick and sudden, usually within the first month after child birth.

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Get Ready to Postpartum Exercise
After the new born arrives, tons of new responsibilities and work load comes with the package. Also add emotional and physical changes. Last thing a new mother would want to go for is post pregnancy workout. But a little exercise after pregnancy also known as postpartum exercise can provide you with much needed vigor and energy, help you on postpartum weight loss and keep you motivated.

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Top-10 Postpartum Essentials
It is so easy getting caught up in all the cute stuffs like painting the baby’s nursery or the cute little baby clothes from the baby shower. But sometimes with all these happenings going on, the mothers don’t get the chance to think about how their everyday life’s going to become once the baby arrives.

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Lochia and Postpartum Bleeding
For new mothers, bleeding after childbirth is a natural process and there is nothing to worry about. During the pregnancy period the mother’s body gets filled with 50% more blood than usual and it is okay with bleeding after giving birth and the body is ready to cope with the latest events.

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Postpartum Depression Symptoms and Treatment
A new born brings in a lot of powerful and complicated emotion to the mother’s life. Sometimes, it is heartwarming joy and sometimes a little anxiety or fear. Most of the new mothers face the usual baby blues, which normally include frequent mood swings and little crying spells. But with anxiety and fear more severe and long period of depression is something to worry about. This condition is called postpartum depression.

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