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Pregnancy Questions & Answers
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Labor & Delivery

Hospital Bag Checklist for Labor
Becoming a mother is a beautiful experience no matter the female goes to severe labor pains while giving birth to a child. In order to trim down the stress of all the going to be mothers on the date of delivery it is essential for them to carry a hospital bag to make your as well as your labor-partner day as hassle-free as probable. It is imperative for them to create hospital bag checklist few weeks prior to the delivery day and get the bag packed with all the essential things that they will necessitate for labor and after the delivery of child.

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Epidural Injection for Labor and Birth
Giving delivery to a child is the most aching experience that a women countenance in her life, as labor pain is one of the most severe pain that are experienced by them. To reduce the intensity of labor pain loads of managing techniques are available, both medical as well as natural techniques, that are been taken during pregnancy or prior to the delivery time and epidural injection is one amid the medical modus operandi.

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The Apgar Score
Apgar score is a scoring method developed to check the health of a new born instantaneously after his birth. It was introduced in early 1950’s by a well known anesthesiologist whose name was Virgia Apgar. Apgar score is given two times to the baby and in some cases the doctors go for third attempt depending on the health condition of the baby.

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Spinal Block for Labor Pains
Labor pain is the exceptionally throbbing pain that a woman has to go through as labor progresses. To relief the labor pains there are many natural as well as medical techniques that are helpful to trim down the intensity of these pains. When the natural methods are unable to provide relief from the pains of labor then the physicians and the gynecologist recommends the pregnant woman for medical techniques such as epidural injection, anesthesia, and spinal block to control labor pains.

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Natural Ways to Induce Labor
When a woman reaches to the end of her pregnancy, she may start searching for some natural ways to induce labor. Natural ways of induction are good ways to arouse labor and to soften the cervix. But one should keep in mind that one should not use these natural ways to induce labor until the due date of delivery has passed. Because if your body is not prepared for childbirth then these natural ways of labor induction will not give you any positive result.

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What are Braxton Hicks Contractions
The maximum period of pregnancy in human beings is of 9 months. This phase is divided into several phases for the baby's development. Though the phase of pregnancy is not without a hitch and trouble-free but the most agonizing and intolerable phase is the last stage that contains labor pains and contractions of muscles.

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Signs and Symptoms of Back Labor
Going through labor and delivering baby is amid the most excruciating and agonizing experience in a woman's life but yet beyond the shadow of doubt the most beautiful one too. Having a baby is a blessing from Almighty God despite the fact that it is dreadfully painful but still every woman on the planet wants to go through the experience of pregnancy that ends up to intolerable back labor pains and afterwards to the most astonishingly beautiful moment of being a mother of a baby.

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Understanding the Stages of Labor
Experiencing the delivery of your baby is a very exceptional and matchless experience. As every person is different from the other so the signs or symptoms and stages of labor are also differ from person to person. Two deliveries cannot be similar that is why it is difficult to guess that how your labor will go. Though, you can be familiar with the different stages of labor procedure.

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Preterm Labor (Premature Birth): Signs, Symptoms and Treatment
Pre-term labor is a somber and an intricate case of pregnancy that can be faced by any woman who is expecting a child. Pre-term labor is often known as premature labor that takes place about three weeks prior to the expected date of delivery. In case of pre-term labor a woman has tightening of her uterus muscles that in turn results into opening of cervix before the time of delivery.

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How to Recognize Early Signs of Labor
Every woman is different from the other and their body works in a different way. That is why they have different labor signs. There is a wide range of early labor signs. The early signs of labor are not easy to detect. They often go unnoticed because they usually start inconspicuous before picking up the pace to dynamic labor. However, you can learn to recognize or detect the early signs of labor by paying a little bit of attention to your body.

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