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Pregnancy Questions & Answers
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Trying to Conceive

Natural Pregnancy after Tubal Ligation

  22 May 2012

What is the procedure of tubal ligation?

Natural Pregnancy After Tubal Ligation Tubal ligation is maybe the safest contraceptive method for women, as it is a surgical intervention designed to sterilize the woman. While it has advantages, being the safest contraceptive method and the only one with efficiency of 100 %, it also has its risks. The first one would be that it is reversible only for a period, and the other one is given by potential complications of the intervention. On the other hand, tubaligation is a simple intervention that can be done with no risks even by the beginner surgeons. Other disadvantages are the fact that natural pregnancy is not possible after this intervention, and the costs of such intervention are pretty high.

There are several methods to apply tubal ligation. Cutting or cauterizing the tubes is the extreme solutions that are not reversible, but the simplest and the cheapest method is to have the tubes tied. This way, the spermatozoids are not able to find the ovule to fertilize it. To verify this, you need to fail the Hysterosalpingogram test.

Legal matters about this method of sterilization

While in some cases, the procedure is reversible, tubal reversal is not recommended, therefore in some states, a waiting period of 30 days is required, so the patient would be able to think carefully about the possible consequences of tubaligation. Many women renounce this procedure during this period. Considering the fact that getting pregnant after tubal ligation is impossible without a reversal surgical intervention.

Risks for women that had an ectopic pregnancy

An ectopic pregnancy appears in 2 % of pregnancies. This kind of pregnancy means that the ovule is developed outside the uterus, and this kind of pregnancy requires special attention and care. The risk for ectopic pregnancy is small, but for women that had tubal ligation and they suffered a reversal medical intervention, the chances are higher.

How long do you need to stay in the hospital?

You will probably be kept under observation for eight hours, but you will feel pain for several days after tubal ligation. After tubal ligation reversal, you might need to wait a little longer, as the doctor needs to see if the operation was successfully and also to determine if you have regained your capacity to have children. Natural pregnancy after tubal ligation is possible, but only under strict surveillance and only if the doctor allows. In any case, you should wait at least one month before getting pregnant after tubal.

Is it possible to have children after tubal ligation removal?

While in the case of simple tubal ligation, we can talk about tubal reversal surgery, if you choose to remove the tubs completely, you won’t be able to have children ever again. The tubal reversal success rate is pretty high, but there is no chance for a woman to conceive if she had her trumps removed. This is why you will have to think carefully about the tubal ligation, and to be absolutely certain that you want to apply this procedure. Keep in mind that a factor of tubal blockage could be a reason of a secondary infertility in women after tubal ligation removal.

Controversies about tubal sterilization

In November 2002, the public health administration in the United States approved the non-surgical methods to block the tubes completely. with this procedure, the doctor inserts metallic implants in the tubes, and this is the simplest method for tubal ligation, as the abdomen must not be cut. Once the metallic inserts are placed in their designed area, tissues will form around them. the method is effective, but you should consider it carefully, as natural pregnancy will never be possible in this case. However, it is still a new method and it can’t be successfully applied for any women, therefore you might need to have the tubes tied or to use other methods of sterilization in some cases.

Will the libido be affected by tubaligation?

There is no chance for your appetite to have sex to be affected by this procedure. In some cases, some women might request tubal reversal, claiming that they don’t want to have sex anymore. It might be true, but this is only a psychological state of mind, and it has nothing to do with the chemical and physical reactions of the reproductive system to tubaligation. After tying tubes, some women might be scared about the perspective of having sex, thinking that they will feel or react different, therefore they might not want to have sex anymore. In this case, psychotherapy might be recommended to solve the problem.

Is it possible for tubal sterilization to fail?

As said before, the tube tied procedure is the safest contraceptive method, but in some cases when the procedure is not done correctly, the procedure might not be effective. One of 400 women have pregnancy after tubal sterilization, and in this case, you might want to consult a doctor as soon as possible, as there is a high chance to have an ectopic pregnancy that must be treated with great attention.
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2015-03-05 02:20:16
Site Visitor Sam shadesedge@att.net

2014-02-18 21:21:27
This article fails to mention post tubal syndrome. A very real and debilitating condition. I was never warned about it, had I known, I would never have had it done. Any one who is looking into getting their tubes tied, please look up Post Tubal Syndrome.
Site Visitor Jessie jonahipps@yahoo.com

2013-11-19 01:23:31
Getting my tubes tied was the worst decision I have ever made. I was 23 years old, in a very abusive relationship, and already had 3 kids. So I thought It was the best for my situation. Now 4 years later I have meet and married the greatest man ever and I would love to have another baby very badly, but the reversal and IVF is very costly. I have fallen into a deep depression over the fact that I can't give this man a child. I have also had cysts, heavy painful periods ever since my TL. Has anyone successfully had a normal healthy pregnancy naturally with a TL?
Site Visitor mrsblhilton brandydukes@yahoo.com

2012-10-18 23:37:10
I totally agree with Donna, since I had my tubal ligation done in 2006 and I just suffered an Ectopic pregnancy at 6 weeks. This has been one of the most difficult things I've experienced. I wish my baby would have been safely in my uterus; however, that wasn't the case. I also suffered awful PTLS. Then the worst of the worst I now am back to needing birth control, undergoing another tubal ligation (which after experiencing the PTLS is not an option), or paying to have the failed tubal reversed or continue to have ectopic pregnancies!!!! If I would have known all of this was possible I would have look at other options.
Site Visitor Donna Dmstacey76@googlemail.com

2012-10-07 23:35:20
I really beg to differ on the comment about it being the only contraceptive that is 100% effective, this statement is completely untrue, I had tubal ligation done 12 months ago, had my tubes cut and burnt, now I find myself 2 months pregnant!!! So tubal ligation is definitely not 100% effective and I would change your page as it was pages like this one that made me think by being sterilised I would be sure not to have no more children.
Site Visitor Cinda W. cindawismar@hotmail.com

2012-05-29 21:23:49
I was looking for a safe contraceptive method; your article helped me to know about the tubal ligation. It’s really informative as now I know all the pros and cons of this method.

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