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Pregnancy Questions & Answers
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Trouble Conceiving

How to Know when Do You Ovulate with Irregular Cycle

  25 May 2012

Is it possible to determine the time of ovulation for women with irregular cycles

How to know when do you ovulate with irregular cycle Normally, a woman has her menstrual cycle once every 28 days. For women with a regular menstrual cycle, the best period to fecundate in order to conceive a baby is between the 12th to 16th day after this menstrual cycle. However, the problem is with the women that don’t have a regular cycle. In this case, the question when do I ovulate arises for those women, and the answer to this question might not be so simple.

Instead of watching the calendar and making calculations, if you have an irregular cycle, it is better to try to understand your body, and to determine the signs of ovulation. The most important clue is given by the cervical mucus. If you want to know how do you know when your ovulating, you should start by observing its consistency with the help of a doctor. For women with irregular cycles, it is impossible to calculate ovulation, but the signs of this phenomenon are the same for every woman.

How can you use the cervical mucus to determine ovulation time?

Women with irregular menstrual cycle must observe the cervical mucus in order to remain pregnant. This substance changes its color and consistency as the ovulation approaches. The best time for sexual intercourse is when the liquid becomes clear, and it can be found in larger quantities. As we are talking about irregular periods, women suffering from this problem must observe the mucus every day. When ovulation is absent, the mucus looks sticky, or it might not be present at all. This is considered as one of the most accurate methods to determine the best time to get pregnant, especially for women with missed or irregular periods that don’t have any other method at their disposal to determine this aspect.

What is the explanation of ovulation?

In the early stage of menstruation, the old ovule is eliminated, as it was not fecundated by the man. As soon as the menstrual cycle ends, a new ovule will start to form. It needs about 14 days to reach maturity, and other 14 days to be eliminated by the organism. The causes of irregular periods are diverse, but they are mostly connected with our stressing way of life and alimentation. Bad food and over exhausting creates hormonal imbalance, and this problem is responsible for this kind of cycle.

When do I ovulate if menstrual cycle is not present at all?

In case you have an irregular cycle, determining the signs of ovulation is possible with the methods stated here. However, in case of a missing period, maybe the question When is ovulation could be replaced with the question if the ovulation exists at all. Although those cases are rare, there is a possibility for a woman to reach menopause even at early ages. Therefore, if you don’t have a menstrual cycle but you are still wondering how do you know when your ovulating, maybe it is recommended to consult a doctor to know if you are ovulating at all.

Alternative methods to calculate ovulation

It is commonly known that women with an irregular menstrual cycle, as well as any other women have an increased sexual desire while ovulating. Unfortunately, those women are not able to make a difference between normal sexual desire and the one given by this event. However, if 14-20 days passed since the last menstrual cycle and you feel like having sex, and you also feel your body temperature rising, it might be a sign that you are ovulating. In the past, this was the only method for women with irregular periods to determine the best moment for sexual intercourse, and even if the modern methods are able to determine this time more accurately, it seems like it remains the safest and simplest method to determine the best time to conceive.

There is a huge problem with irregular periods and getting pregnant today, and the phenomenon seems like is growing. An increasing number of women complain about missed period not pregnant, especially in the US and the European Countries, places where the birth rate is small already.

Is the doctor able to solve the no period not pregnant problem?

It is a good idea to contact a doctor for the missed period but not pregnant problems. However, the responsibility is entirely yours. The doctor can only give you guidance, making you aware of the signs of ovulation, such as hurting breasts, an increased body temperature and an increased desire to have sex. All those are good methods to anticipate ovulation. The doctor is also able to determine the reasons for a missed period and of irregular cycles, and if you are able to solve this problem, you will probably have more chances to remain pregnant after.
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Site Visitor tambi linda.enake@yahoo.fr

2015-12-04 12:15:02
I donnot know how to calculate my unsave period using a calendar HOw can i do that?
Site Visitor Rubie RubieMalechav7685@hotmail.com

2012-08-10 13:01:16
Hmm it is really an informative one. I don’t know when the ovulation time with irregular cycle is. Thanks for detail about ovulate.

2012-08-02 16:30:45
Yes, Mylene B, you can and if you understand that when you will ovulate you will be able to calculate. The little signs, which I have mentioned can help you to know the right time of ovulation.
Site Visitor Mylene B bigmylene1994@aol.com

2012-07-31 15:25:41
I am having irregular cycle, can I get pregnant yet?

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