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Pregnancy Questions & Answers
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Trouble Conceiving

Implantation Cramping: Symptoms and Reasons
Implantation Cramping, as the name suggests are the cramps, can only be felt by the ladies who are in the most early stages of conceiving. In other words, it is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. The implantation cramps occur when the zygote or the fertilized egg starts its journey from Fallopian tubes , where the process of fertilization takes place, and starts moving towards the uterus.

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The Harmful Effects of Smoking Can Cause Trouble to Conceive
If a woman smoke, it reduces the rate of her egg to become viable for fertilization. That makes the conception quite difficult. Other harmful effects of smoking are the increasing risk of a woman to early menopause.

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Male Masturbation Effects on Common Male Fertility and Sperm Count
It is normal for a guy masturbating at times when they feel anxious and stressed out. This is their way of relieving the tension. However, there are many speculations that a man masturbating regularly can affect their sperm count which may lead to infertility.

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Semen Allergy as the Cause of Infertility
It is possible but rare to occur that a certain person is allergic to semen. Most of these people may have allergy to the main component of sperm which is protein. However, there are still further studies to identify the specific protein that is found in the sperm which causes allergic reaction to the person.

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Secondary Infertility
The extent of secondary infertility is different from the primary infertility. The chances of conceiving a child for this case is possible compare to the primary. The only thing that they need to do is to modify their lifestyle which can contribute to the causes of this condition.

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Emotional Health as a Cause of Infertility
Nowadays, we consider women as the emotional caretakers as well as providers of the relationship. This point of view is being traditionally practiced on all aspect of life. Women mature faster than men in terms of emotional aspect. It only means that the emotional health of women is broader than those of men.

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How to Become a Surrogate Mother
To be a Surrogate Mother is not an easy task since a woman needs to face some dilemmas in life. This pertains to emotional, physical and moral aspect. The most inevitable situation that could happen in surrogate motherhood is when the gestational mother develops a maternal-fetal relationship that has something to do with emotional feelings.

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Surrogate Motherhood with Inevitable Ethical Problems
There are ethical and legal issues concerning the surrogacy. This involves the rights of the surrogate mother who volunteered to become a surrogate mother for the infertile couples. However, the more pressing issue about this concern is when the surrogate mother is attached to her biological child.

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What is Gestational Surrogacy
What is surrogacy? Surrogacy is a manner in which a woman’s uterus is used to implant and carry the zygote and carries the entire period of pregnancy until the time of delivery of the baby for another woman or couple.

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Some worries about Implantation Bleeding
The pregnancy implantation bleeding is considered as vaginal discharges that may consist of minimal amount of pinkish or coffee brown blood. Based on the current reports, only about 1/3 of pregnancy mother can experience ovulation bleeding or implantation bleeding.

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Can I Get Pregnant after Having a Stillborn
Planning a pregnancy after stillbirth is not a problem. However, there are factors that can affect the conception. These factors may be considered as underlying cause of stillbirth to their previous unsuccessful pregnancy.

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Vaginal Discharge and Semen Leakage after Intercourse
Sexual intercourse, also known as copulation or coitus, is an intimate activity that involves two people who wanted to gratify their sexual or reproductional needs. This is their one way of showing their affection and developing their relationship in a more intimate way. There are four phases of the intercourse.

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Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and Ability to Get Pregnant
You are well aware of the fact that the woman is more infected to the STD’s than the man. Due to this she has to remain quite careful so that she can protect herself from the situations like this in which she have to answer the questions of people. STD’s and pregnancy have a very close relation with each other. Most of the time during the pregnancy the woman may face the STD’s.

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Getting Pregnant after Contraceptive Pills and Other Birth Control
Majority of the women use birth control pills when they do not want to conceive. These pills prevent pregnancy by stopping your ovulation and if you do not ovulate then there is no chance to get pregnant. If you are trying to conceive then you will need to ovulate otherwise this is impossible for any couple to have baby in future.

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Ovulation with Irregular Periods
There are many female issues which have become very common now days among females as it is reported that due to dieting issues women mostly do not take proper diet and miss those essential nutrients like iron, vitamins and minerals etc which are very essential for proper functioning of female reproductive system.

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Pregnancy after Miscarriage - Having a Baby after a Miscarriage or Pregnancy Loss
Pregnancy after miscarriage is at times very tough decision for the couples. Some couples become so depressed that they do not want to conceive again as they find no such courage to do this.

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Low Progesteron Levels and Its Deficiency Treatment
Progesterone is known to be as one of the very basic female hormones. Progesterone is produced in early cycles of menstrual cycle and it is produced in ovaries. It is responsible for the later half cycle changes of menstrual cycle.

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Vaginal Dryness: Common Symptoms and Effective Treatment
Vaginal dryness is a very common issue women face throughout their lives. Vaginal dryness is common issue among the ladies in the time period of their menopause, even just before and after it. Vaginal Dryness is a symptom that women are going to have vaginal atrophy now.

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Male Infertility Symptoms and Treatment
Large numbers of people around the world are facing problems for conceiving a child. These problems are due to infertility conditions in male and female partner. However, for long time it has been assumed that infertility can only occur in woman.

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Female Infertility Symptoms and Treatment
Female infertility can be defined as scenario when female is unable to conceive or to bear unborn child to full term. Infertility of women can be a major cause for consistent failure in conception.

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