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Pregnancy Questions & Answers
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Prevent Pregnancy

Most Popular Birth Control Methods in Order of Effectiveness
People, who require birth control, should find the method for him/her. Each of us has diverse requirements when selecting a method. You have to learn about each method and that will help you to make your decision. You can use the list of birth control methods below to study about the methods. Only you can choose the best one.

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Vasectomy is a simple operation that prevents sperms from entering the semen of the man. This is enough to ensure that the woman he does sexual intercourse with does not get pregnant under any circumstances.

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Female Sterilization
Female sterilization is a cheap and very effective way to ensure that a woman will no conceive again. Thus it is a very popular means of birth control in all parts of the world. According to an estimate, nearly 33% of the women who make use of birth control methods have undergone female sterilization, also called tubal ligation.

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What is Spermicide
Spermicide is a substance that is fatal for male sperms and used all over the world as a birth control method by women. However, what is Spermicide is a common question encountered by gynecologists from their women clients as these women are interested in knowing more about this wonderful birth control method.

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Sexual Outercourse Techniques
There is a lot of talk about Outercourse techniques these days as a good alternative to all devices of birth control. Just what is Outercourse and how does Outercourse prevent pregnancy?

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Emergency Contraception with the Morning-After Pills
If what is the morning-after pill (emergency contraception) a question on your mind, you are right if you think that girls take it after having unprotected sex. As the name implies, emergency contraception is for those women who have unprotected sex and do not want to become pregnant as they are not ready for a pregnancy.

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How to Use the Intrauterine Device (IUD)
There are many different ways of preventing pregnancy but out of these, one that is long term, very effective, safe, and reversible to allow a woman to become pregnant after its removal is an Intrauterine Device, or simply IUD, as it is called these days. Millions of women around the world are today tension free and enjoy sex with their partners secure in the knowledge that their IUD is working all the time to prevent pregnancies.

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Fertility Awareness Methods (FAMs) as Effective Birth Control
Fertility awareness method refers to many different ways of knowing the days of the month when a woman is most fertile or has the highest chances of conception. By making a chart of the physical changes in her body during, before and after ovulation every month, it is possible for a woman to know exactly when she is going to ovulate.

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Diaphragm Usage as an Effective Birth Control Method
Long before the modern methods of birth control like hormonal pills and intrauterine devices, diaphragm was invented as a means of birth control. Like a condom, a diaphragm works as a barrier and prevents conception.

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Birth Control by Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding and pregnancy are inter related, and as long as nursing mother does not start bleeding and the baby is exclusively dependent upon sucking his mother’s breast, there is only a 2% chance of becoming pregnant through intercourse. This compares well with contraceptive pills where a lady has 1-2% chance of conceiving.

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Nuvaring (Vaginal Ring) and Its Effectivity
There are many methods of prevention of pregnancies and Nuvaring is just one of them. What is Nuvaring? Nuvaring is a vaginal ring that is a hormonal birth control ring. Many women, not aware of this contraception method ask how I use the vaginal ring.

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Birth Control Pills
Many people use so-called birth control pills to protect themselves from pregnancy. These pills are perhaps the most easiest way to make sure that there is no unwanted pregnancy, if you want to enjoy sex without the worry of getting pregnant. You should know that the other name of these pills is oral contraceptives. Sometimes they are combined with condoms, to ensure a greater probability of staying safe while having sex.

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How to Use a Female Condom
Most people are aware about male condoms as an effective way of birth control, but most people aren’t aware of a female condom. The female condom is quite similar to the male condom, expect for the fact that it is much larger in size and it has the shape of a pouch.

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Abstinence Facts
What is abstinence definition? The word means to refrain from performing any act. When applied to sex, it means to not get involved in the activity of sexual intercourse. Many people say that they can indulge in other activities and not have sex.

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Common Risks and Benefits of a Contraceptive Sponge
The contraceptive sponge also known as the birth control sponge is gaining massive popularity. Today sponge is being used as an alternative to the various other alternative present for women and this article will provide you with all the information you need regarding contraceptive sponges, so you know whether this method is a better alternative to birth control pills and condoms or not.

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Modern Birth Control Types and Methods
There are many birth control methods that people are trying to use, but no one can state which methods is the best one since every method has its pros and cons. In this article various contraceptives will be discussed, analyzed and compare so you can choose the best method for birthcontrol different contraception’s.

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Fertility after Depo Provera
Many couples think that they aren’t ready to have children and for that purpose they use birth control methods to prevent child birth. What is the best and most effective type of birth control? There are many different types of birth control present; from pills, to injections to operations for more permanent birth control measures.

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Male Condoms Effectivity
One of the most popular types of birth control method is to use condoms. They are the most cost effective way of preventing child birth and are easy to use. Moreover, they do not cause any pain or discomfort to both the sexual partners while using them, and have no side effects of using this particular product.

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Cervical Cap (FemCap) to Prevent Pregnancy
The cervical cap basically is a cap shaped object made out of silicon which has to be inserted into a female’s vagina so that it covers the cervix. The only available brand in the United States is called the femcap and is most effective. So how does this cap work? Basically it has two fold functions, by stopping the sperms from reaching to the eggs in order to avoid pregnancy.

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Pregnancy Because of Sperm Ejaculated with Masturbation
The masculine genital system is formed of testicles, seminal vesicles, the prostate, sperm ducts, annex glands and the penis. The testicles are placed in a bag and along with the penis; they form the external reproductive apparatus. The spermatozoids are the sexual masculine cells, being responsible with the reproduction.

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