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Pregnancy Questions & Answers
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Preparing for Pregnancy

Folic Acid Benefits during and before Pregnancy

  16 May 2012

Folic acid importance

Folic acid benefits It is estimated that there are almost 3,000 infants who are born with NTDs, defects of neural tube. These neural tube defects commonly include anencephaly and spina bifida. It is a condition of patients in which the brain could not formulated complete or these is some parts that are missing in it. Children who have this defect often lost their life.

If you are planning to become mother of beautiful future baby and you have NTDs then you can prevent these defects before or during your pregnancy by taking folic acid. There are a lot of solutions that revealed in recent few years in order to handle neural tube defect (NTDs). Now there are lot of public health information, better screening, fortification breads, grain products and many campaigns regarding health of pregnant women. In a survey, it seemed that there are nearly three from every four women who said that they do not care of their health like they should. But if you want to become pregnant, it is very important for your health and your baby health to take vitamins, and folic acid foods that are rich of folic acid at least 4 times in one week of every month throughout their pregnancy.

What is folic acid

Folic acid is a vitamin B and sometimes it is called folate. This vitamin plays a significant role in producing cell and performing division in your body including the development of red blood cells that are compulsory components of your body. Folic acid is present in different folic acid foods, grain products, fortified cereals and supplements of vitamin.

Fetal development risks because of lack of folic acid

Purpose of folic acid in fetus is to help the neural tube to develop. It starts growing in to brain and spinal cord of patient and if there is a folic acid deficiency coming, then neural tube will not able to work properly. The baby can produce spina bifida. It is a condition in which a sac or a spinal cord help in filling of fluid protrude from the opening in back. Babies having anencephaly cannot survive for long period of time and if they develop spina bifida then they can be disabled permanently. So, how folic acid can help to eliminate the defects of child before birth? Folic acid is strong enough to reduce or even eliminate the incidence of neural tube defects. Research shows that before a woman get pregnant or after her pregnancy, folic acid can be helpful in protecting against various birth defects. If you don’t having any information about what is folic acid then here are folic acid benefits that can make your understanding for why they are very important for a pregnant woman.

  • Cleft lip and palate
    Pregnant women who get folic acid daily and eat healthy diet have very few risks of giving birth to children with cleft lip.
  • Complications of pregnancy
    One research found that women who used supplements of folic acid in their second trimester can reduce the risk of high blood pressure which is a dangerous condition of pregnant women also called as preeclampsia.
  • Premature birth
    A study showed that if you take folic acid for one year before having pregnancy, then you will be able to reduce the chances of your delivery early by 50 % or even more than this.
  • It can prevent from miscarriage
  • You will become a mother of healthy baby
  • Besides preventing your future child from the birth defects, folic acid can make a mother healthy after child birth.
  • Reduces the risks of stroke, heart diseases and several types of cancers.

Start taking folic acid

As there are most pregnancies occur that are not planned so it is necessary for every childbearing woman to take as much folic acid as possible. Women should take folic acid even if they are not trying to conceive baby. Defects of child birth show in after three to four weeks of pregnancy so it is better if you already nutrients and vitamins in your body that you need in early stages of your pregnancy when brain and spinal cord of your future baby is producing. If you are worried about folic acid side effects, then you can consult your doctor before taking.

Amount of folic acid

How much folic acid is enough for your body? It is recommended for all those pregnant women to get at least 400 microgram of this vitamin every day. You should need to take this amount of folic acid each day when you are planning to get pregnant or in first 3 months of the pregnancy. You can increase this amount from 400 to 600 mcg if you are already bearing a child. If you have given birth to your baby and you are breastfeeding woman then you should take 500 mcg of folic acid every day.

Folic acid overdosage and side effects

Folic acid is not effective even if you take its high dose. But it is recommended to not take more than 1000 mcg of folic acid in one day.
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Site Visitor enna ennado9297@gmail.com

2014-03-28 16:57:35
Well nice benefits of folic acid to the body...some friends in my facebook they say after they taken folic acid they are easily pregnant...so,i was convincing too.bec,not only one person who share their experince after they taken folic acid in a month boom!!! they are pregnant...well,just wanna share what i read as they experience after by taken folic acid
Site Visitor Michelle michdown@hushmail.com

2012-06-13 14:40:31
Yes as a doctor I Know very well how much it is important to take folic acid in the time of pregnancy. I think this article will help a lot to a new mother to learn about folic acid easily. Thanks for sharing the material.
Site Visitor Shannon Baker sbaker958@yahoo.co.uk

2012-06-03 17:19:32
I never like the taste and smell of folic acid tablets and that’s why I always avoided taking them. Your article makes me realize that how stupid I am and what a big mistake I was making.

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