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Cervical Mucus Stages and What Does This Cycle Indicate

  27 May 2012

What is vaginal mucus

Cervical Mucus Stages and What Does This Cycle Indicate The method of cervical mucus is used for millenniums by women to anticipate their ovulation. Now, we have modern medical methods to determine this aspect, but until some time ago, the cervical mucus stages were the most precise methods to understand the stages of cervical mucus.

The ovulation mucus is the substance that decides what can and cannot pass the cervix. The stages of cervical mucus can be anticipated, and from there, the woman can determine her most fertile period. The thick cervical mucus is the sign of pre-ovulation, and when this liquid is more abundant, it means that the fertile period has begun. There are differences in cervical mucus before ovulation and after, and it is easy for some women to use this method to anticipate the stages of ovulation.

The ovulation and cervical mucus are strictly connected. The cervical secretions are modified along with the hormonal modifications that are produced during the menstrual cycle. For the first week, you can observe how the egg white cervical mucus becomes sticky, and as the moment of ovulation approaches, it will transform in a clear and shiny secretion that you can stretch between your fingers. This is the moment of maximum fertility, as the mucus favors the spermatozoids to reach the fallopian tube and to penetrate the ovule.

The role of cervical mucus is to protect the spermatozoids and to help them in their way to the uterus, where they will meet the ovule. After the menstruation, under the action of the estrogen hormones, the mucus changes its consistency one more. Those are the normal cervical mucus stages, but considering the different ages and characteristics of a woman, it might be different in some cases. a woman that want to use the stages of cervical mucus to determine the ovulation must make the difference between the sensations of “dryness” and “wetness” from the level of the vagina, and also to observe the vaginal mucus in different stages. The wet period is the sign of maximum fertility, as during those periods, the ovulation mucus is able to conduct the spermatozoids effectively.

How to establish the changes in cervical mucus

The cervical mucus cycle is clear and precise, but considering the pollution, different diseases brought by the modern way of living, for some women, those stages are hard to observe. the woman must choose a certain moment of the day to determine the stages of this mucus. Usually, it is easy for women to observe the mucus when they are going to the toilet. Although the modifications can be highlighted on the exterior, with a simple white napkin, if you are looking for more accuracy, you should introduce two fingers in the vagina, especially during the phase of the sticky cervical mucus.

Cervical mucus right before period

The cervical mucus is absent before period, or at least it should be. Some women might observe white secretions, and even if this is cervical mucus, it is not consistent enough to favor fertility. If this phenomenon persists for more than two months, you should consult a doctor, as hormonal problems might be the cause. The cervical mucus right after period can be present in small quantities, but we are only talking about small quantities, and only after one week since the end of the period, we can talk about abundant mucus that favors fertility.

Mistakes made while determining the phases of cervical mucus

The cervical mucus stages can be affected by sexual stimulation, the presence of sperm, using lubricants and other substances. the position of the cervix on the inferior side of the uterus can offer useful information about fertility.

Using the cervix position to determine the stages of cervical mucus

During the first half of the menstrual cycle, before the ovulation, the cervix has a firm consistency, and it will have a low position in the vagina. It will be closed and dry. As the ovulation is getting closer, the cervix will soften, it will open, lifting its position and becoming receptive for sperm, favoring the path of spermatozoids. A few days after the ovulation, the cervix becomes firm again, and it can even close for the vaginal mucus completely.

Determining the fertile period with the ovulation mucus stages

By following the characteristics of the cervical mucus, a woman is able to determine the most fertile period. The method is used both by women that want to know when it is the best time to conceive, but also by women that want to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. It is a natural method based on empiric data, therefore it is the cheapest one, but other methods might be applied as completion, in order to determine the fertility of a woman precisely, and to use it effectively.

In conclusion we would like to inform you about potential of Robitussin to boost your cervical mucus release.


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Site Visitor Duh. duh@gmail.com

2012-10-12 04:45:31
"The role of cervical mucus is to protect the spermatozoids and to help them in their way to the urethra, where they will meet the ovule." Hate to be a stickler for detail but sperm don't swim up the urethra to fertilize an egg......
Site Visitor Linda Bedway lbedway@hush.com

2012-06-22 07:52:10
My doctor tried to explain the stages of cervical mucus and how it can help me for conception, but it was all very confusing for me. She recommended me your article and I now I understand everything. You made things really easy.

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