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Pregnancy Questions & Answers
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Am I Pregnant?

Pregnancy Test Sensitivity

  27 May 2012

How to find the most sensitive pregnancy test

Pregnancy Test Sensitivity The majority of pregnancy tests have an accuracy of 97-99 %, assuming that the package is intact and you have read the instructions carefully. If a woman does not respect those indications, the accuracy of the test is affected, and the results cannot be considered precise. However, even if those indications are respected, the test sensitivity can be affected by other factors.

Most home pregnancy tests have different efficiencies, as the organisms of different women will make this difference. for example, the equate pregnancy test has an increased efficiency for younger women, but you will have to make some pregnancy tests comparison in order to determine the best one for you, or even better, to ask the doctor about the most suited test for your organism. You should not forget that there is a chance to get a so-called false positive pregnancy test. A variety of reasons for the event are described in one of our articles.

No matter what the pregnancy test sensitivity is, you should repeat it after 48 hours to be sure about the result. Even the most sensitive pregnancy test can fail for different reasons. For example, the equate pregnancy test is based on determining the level of hCG hormone (human chorionic gonadotropin) in your urine that is released by the reproductive system of women a few hours after conceiving. However, the hCG hormone might be a little “late” (it is detectable in the urine within 10 days of fertilization), and this is why you should repeat the test to confirm the results.

How to make the pregnancy tests comparison

First, you should determine if the test of your choice is a late or early result pregnancy test. The tests on the market are designed differently, considering the needs of a woman. If you want to find out if you are pregnant a few hours after the sexual contact, you should use the tests with response early result pregnancy, while later, for example, when you have missed a period and two or three weeks already passed since the sexual contact, you can use other types of tests. In any case, the majority of women would prefer the pregnancy test sensitivity and early-detection, as in two weeks, they already feel the changes of conceiving, and therefore they will go to the doctor instead of using the late pregnancy tests.

How soon can you take the test

The earliest detection of pregnancy can be made a few hours after the sexual contact. Each test of this kind has a pregnancy test sensitivity chart that you can use to detect of you are pregnant with an increased precision. If you are looking for a precise test, you should start by analyzing the test - sensitivity comparison available for different tests. In any case, those are only orientation charts, and even if the sensitivity of the test is increased, they will never be as accurate as you would like, and going to the doctor is the only method that will guarantee the result 100 %.

Factors that can affect the accuracy of the home pregnancy test

It is recommended to take the test with the first morning urine. The accuracy of the test is 97-99 %, but you should know some aspects about it. if the test tells you that you are not pregnant, it means that you are not pregnant, probably, but there are some chances for you to be. In case you obtain a positive pregnancy test, it means that you definitely are pregnant, and you should consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Some tests are more sensitive than others, considering the menstrual cycle, the variable ovulation or hormonal problems. one of the most common reasons for the pregnancy test to give wrong results is the fact that the egg needs about 4-9 days to stick to the mucosa of the uterus, and a test made during this period might give wrong results, as the test won’t be able to determine the presence of hCG hormone. While the hormone is usually released a few hours after fecundation, in some cases, it might be absent for a while.

Using the consumer reports rating to determine the pregnancy test sensitivity

The lack of precision even for the most sensitive pregnancy test such as equate pregnancy test is given by the fact that all the tests are made under a standard that works for the majority of women, and if you are not the part of this standard, the results might be wrong. No matter if the test is positive or negative, you should repeat it after a day or two. If the result is maintained, you should consult the doctor, as a sanguine test will tell you precisely if you are pregnant or not.

Making a pregnancy tests comparison

A comparison of this kind must be made by every woman, to determine if the respective test is conclusive or not. Read the blogs and forums to learn how to interpret the first response pregnancy test sensitivity, and how to use the pregnancy test sensitivity chart, as this way, you will obtain the expected results and accuracy.
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2014-04-17 07:26:36
Hello. Have you any other questions on sensitivity levels of modern pregnancy tests?

2012-07-24 01:17:29
Jenny, actually not, no matter how accurate is your test but for confirmation you should repeat it after 48 hours.
Site Visitor Jenny Garwood jgarwood@hushmail.com

2012-07-22 12:03:34
It is enough to do the pregnancy test for once?

2012-07-13 22:19:45
Dear Viola, anyway you should go to a doctor after positive test result or if you have any doubts about pregnancy test results!
Site Visitor Viola Z. viola.zilberg@mail.com

2012-07-13 13:02:19
Wow this is really easy and amazing to test owns pregnancy. But you said it is accurate 97-99%. So it means sometimes it may not provide the actual result. Is not it risky to use it than going to a doctor?

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