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Pregnancy Questions & Answers
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Most Recent Pregnancy Articles

Top-10 Baby Shower Gifts
When you get a baby shower invitation, the first thing that you always ask yourself is what are you going to take as a gift. If you have been invited in a baby shower, it is imperative to purchase good baby shower gifts. Most parents have a good idea of what; they are going to take as a gift. But, for those people who do not have kids, they have no idea about baby shower gifts.

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Tips to Buy Newborn Boy Clothes
There is nothing that is exciting for an expectant mother than preparing for the arrival of a newborn. Before even the child is born, parents start to buy newborn baby clothes. Whether the newborn is going to be a girl or boy, the arrival of the baby will be welcomed with a lot of happiness and love. Purchasing newborn baby boy clothes is challenging especially for first time mothers.

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Tips to Buy Cute Newborn Girl Clothes
There is no doubt at all that, daughters are precious because they light up every moment of a parent life. Today, newborn girl clothes are very popular. There are some clothes, which have been designed for expectant mothers and new mothers. There are also different types of brands of newborn clothes for girls in the market. Most of these clothes can be found online or at various department stores. There are so many online and department stores, which sell maternity clothes and girls accessories.

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The Importance of Newborn Screening
Newborn screening is vital because it helps in establishing, whether the baby has various numbers of distressing conditions. Therefore, newborn babies should be screened within twenty fours, after they have been born. Parents should be aware of the consequences that are going to happen, if the baby fails to go for a newborn screening test. The test is not complicated like most people think, it is straightforward.

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Newborn Photography Tips for Beginners
One of the most fantastic events, that you will see in life as a parent is the birth of your child. New parents are usually surprised, with their new born baby. One of the best ways to cherish this moment is by taking pictures. The best newborn photography tips and ideas come from professional photographers, who have worked with newborn babies several times.

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Newborn Baby Checklist - Baby Care Supplies
The arrival of a new baby is considered as a very important event and therefore it requires careful preparation. The work begins by selecting an obstetrician, so that the baby’s nursery can be ready. As parents of the baby, there are so many things that you have to do on your new baby checklist before the baby arrives.

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How to Treat Jaundice in Newborns
Jaundice is mostly found in new born babies and it is not something new. This condition is very common in most babies but proper care should be taken so that, the condition does not become worse. It is essential for a mother to know what causes jaundice in newborns. Jaundice in newborn is mostly caused by high levels of bilirubin in the blood and this makes white eyes of the baby to look yellowish. Bilirubin is formed in the body due to the break down of red cells in the blood.

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How to Cure Newborn Constipation
Constipation in newborns is something that is very common in most babies and it is believed that, fifty percent of babies experience newborn constipation. Parents are usually worried when their baby suffers from any type of disease. Newborns have their first movement of bowels within twenty four hours after the baby is born.

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How to Choose Newborn Baby Clothes
Amidst the excitement and preparation for a newborn baby, most parents including those who already have a baby are usually nervous. This is because there are so many things, that they have to do before the baby is born. One of the most important item that, parents have to purchase are newborn baby clothes. The best places to search for newborn clothes are in places, where they sell used items.

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How Much Should a Newborn Eat
How much should a newborn eat is a question, that most mothers have been asking. The answer to this question is that, it depends with a few aspects. Feeding your baby can be stressful as a new mother, because the baby cannot be able to talk or express how he/she is feeling or tell you that she is hungry. It is up to the mother to judge and find how much should a new born eat. How much should my baby eat depends, on a few factors such weight and other important factors of the baby.

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Most Commented Pregnancy Articles

Geritol Usage for Trying to Conceive
The multivitamin with iron usually increases the level of progesterone, and once you have started taking Geritol, you should observe the differences. Moreover, it is necessary for the man to make a sperm test, in order to determine all the factors that affect the fertility while trying to conceive.

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Vaginal Discharge and Semen Leakage after Intercourse
Sexual intercourse, also known as copulation or coitus, is an intimate activity that involves two people who wanted to gratify their sexual or reproductional needs. This is their one way of showing their affection and developing their relationship in a more intimate way. There are four phases of the intercourse.

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Implantation Cramping: Symptoms and Reasons
Implantation Cramping, as the name suggests are the cramps, can only be felt by the ladies who are in the most early stages of conceiving. In other words, it is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. The implantation cramps occur when the zygote or the fertilized egg starts its journey from Fallopian tubes , where the process of fertilization takes place, and starts moving towards the uterus.

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Bleeding during Ovulation - Is It Normal or Not
Bleeding during ovulation is a worrying process that is sometimes mistaken with the menstrual cycle. Especially when a woman experiences ovulation bleeding for the first time, she will be worried and incapable of taking the right measurements.

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How to Get Pregnant with Twins - Popular Tips and Tricks
If you are planning for getting pregnant, then it is better to have twins rather than one because you can grow as well as learn different things at the same time. So majorities of the women are curious and want to know that how to get pregnant with twins.

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Ureaplasma: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment
It is a sexually transmitted infection that is not given much importance because not many experience health problems because of this infection. However, Ureaplasma infection has been known to cause infertility in females and has also led to serious infections in many cases.

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Sore Breasts as a Sign of Pregnancy
The sore breasts are considered as signs of pregnancy if they are usually followed by the disappearance of menstruation. The breasts could be bigger, more sensitive to touch and painful. This sign of pregnancy could be misinterpreted.

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TOP-10 Ovulation Symptoms
There are various ovulation symptoms that appear when you get pregnant but not every women know about these symptoms of ovulation. Are you looking for most common signs of ovulation? Most women after having sexual relationship with their partner ask question “when do I ovulate?”

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Natural Pregnancy after Tubal Ligation
Tubal ligation is maybe the safest contraceptive method for women, as it is a surgical intervention designed to sterilize the woman. While it has advantages, being the safest contraceptive method and the only one with efficiency of 100 %, it also has its risks.

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How Do You Know if You're Pregnant
Missing a period is one sign that most women are aware of as a sign of having conceived. But fortunately, women do not have to wait for long to make sure if they have become pregnant with the help of home pregnancy test that is available in the market.

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Female Infertility Symptoms and Treatment
Female infertility can be defined as scenario when female is unable to conceive or to bear unborn child to full term. Infertility of women can be a major cause for consistent failure in conception.

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Wild Yam and Its Effect on Fertility
Another name of wild yam is Dcoscorea villosa. The wild yam root is utilized by herbalists from centuries. Wild yam benefits are numerous and used for treatment of infertility, menstrual problems as well as stomach problems.

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Pregnancy Test Sensitivity
The pregnancy tests have an accuracy of 97-99 %, assuming that the package is intact and you have read the instructions carefully. If a woman does not respect those indications, the accuracy of the test is affected, and the results cannot be considered precise.

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How to Predict Baby Gender Using a Chinese Gender Calculator
Foreseeing a baby's gender is certainly nothing usual. As myth goes, thousands of years ago the Chinese established a chinese gender calculator to predict a baby's sex. Hidden during the Ming Dynasty in a majestic grave and lately unearthed, several say it's over 90% precise, while others refer it as coin flip. Currently, factual, there's no scientific proof to support its effectiveness, but it's really provide us with enjoyment.

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Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Benefits while Trying to Conceive and During Pregnancy
One of the most important aspects about being pregnant is to ensure a healthy environment for the child to develop, but also to preserve your health and especially your state of mind. The red raspberry leaf tea is known as one of the most effective liquids you can drink. First, the raspberry tea helps the women that have infertility problems, and second, it is great for maintaining a good tonus of your body and for offering the child a great environment to develop.

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Preconception Health for Men
Preconception health is not only important for women prior to pregnancy but men’s sexual health also play significant role in this regard. It is not only important for women to get fertile for pregnancy but responsibility of pregnancy is equally shared by preconception health of men also.

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Prolactin and Fertility
Prolactin is present in both men and women and it is manufactured for stimulating the milk production in pregnant women. It is also designed to increase the mammary glands of women that can help them to complete the breastfeeding. In fertility, its purpose is to regulate the women’s menstrual cycle and ovulation.

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How to Know when Do You Ovulate with Irregular Cycle
Instead of watching the calendar and making calculations, if you have an irregular cycle, it is better to try to understand your body, and to determine the signs of ovulation. The most important clue is given by the cervical mucus.

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When to Take a Pregnancy Test
When to take a pregnancy test? Is it possible to remain pregnant while using birth control? The symptoms and signs are different from one woman to the other, therefore the answer to the question When should I take a pregnancy test is also different.

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Can You Take a Home Pregnancy Test before Your Period is Due
If the pregnancy test tells you that you are pregnant, it means that you are pregnant. If the result is negative, in some cases, you might be pregnant and the test could be wrong. You must find the best test on the market, and if the symptoms such as nausea, headaches and morning sicknesses continue after you have taken the test and you had a negative result, you should consult a doctor.

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Candida Infection: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment
What is Candida is a question that is asked by many people, especially pregnant women who have to undergo this medical condition quite often. It is a type of yeast that is generally found in our skin, especially around openings like mouth, rectum, vagina, and the intestinal tract. At low levels, it is considered normal and there is nothing to worry about it.

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Abstinence Facts
What is abstinence definition? The word means to refrain from performing any act. When applied to sex, it means to not get involved in the activity of sexual intercourse. Many people say that they can indulge in other activities and not have sex.

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Genetic Counseling
If you do not know what genetic counseling is, you are not aware of the amazing advancements science has made to find out if a baby born out of wedlock between two individuals would suffer from any disorders inherited from parents or not. In other words, it is today possible to know beforehand if the babies you will have with the person you are marrying will be normal and will not have any inherited disorders.

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Chinese Gender Chart
Why not make use of ancient Chinese gender chart that can tell whether it is a boy or a girl who is going to take birth. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Let us find out a little more.

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Preparing for Pregnancy Emotionally
Before getting pregnant, it is very important for you to make proper planning for it. Preparing for pregnancy before you become pregnant is one of the most important factors that you should consider. As you have planned to become pregnant, so you should be a healthy woman. And if you are healthier then you will also deliver a healthy baby.

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